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Best 17 WSM Ammo

What is 17 WSM Ammo? 💡

17 Winchester Super Magnum, is a high-velocity rifle cartridge developed in 2012 by the ammunition company Winchester. The round was designed to offer greater hunting performance from smaller and lighter firearms such as rifles and handguns.

Our Top Pick
17 WSM – 20 Grain V-Max – Hornady Varmint Express
Experience Hornady's 17 WSM V-Max round, which clocks in at an astounding 3,000 feet per second muzzle velocity. This innovative round features a polymer tip that ensures devastating expansion upon impact and protective Rimfire-primed brass casing to keep the firearm away from corrosion. Make sure you pay attention to this powerful product!
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🎯 It is a great option for those looking to shoot varmints and small game such as coyotes, foxes, prairie dogs, groundhogs and other smaller predators. Its small size and high velocity make it the perfect ammunition for long-range shots.

🎯 With its lightweight profile, ammo offers more accuracy and less recoil than other ammunition of similar size.

🎯 It’s also much cheaper than larger calibres, making it a great choice for budget-conscious shooters.

⭕ Look for brands that use premium components like brass casings, precisely cut rifling grooves, and carefully measured powder charges.

  • These quality components will ensure accuracy and consistency with every shot you take.

⭕ Be sure to look at the muzzle velocity ratings on the ammo packages as well – higher velocities generally translate into better performance down range when shooting at longer distances.

⭕ Finally, consider the bullet type when selecting 17 WSM ammo – most are designed specifically for varmint hunting or target shooting.

If you’re looking for self-defence rounds then you should select FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) bullets as they provide better penetration through barriers such as walls or clothing compared to hollow points or soft point bullets which expand upon impact but tend to be weaker against tougher targets or objects such as car doors or windshields.

Best .17 Winchester Super Magnum Ammo

Advantages 🌟

📌 It’s a combination of speed, accuracy, and the ability to fire at greater distances with reduced recoil.

📌 Since the round is so small, it’s able to reach optimal speeds with very little powder behind it.

  • This makes it possible to generally keep a better grouping when firing multiple rounds rapidly.
  • With a typical muzzle velocity of 3100 fps or more, you can have plenty of distance between you and your target before it reaches them.

📌It is so lightweight compared to other rounds such as .223 Remington or .308 Winchester, its recoil is virtually non-existent.

📌It has superior trajectory capabilities due to its high ballistic coefficient (BC). Ballistically speaking, BC measures a projectile’s ability to maintain velocity and resist drops caused by air resistance leading up to impact at varying ranges.

Our Selection 6 Best 💣 .17 Winchester Super Magnum Ammo – Editor’s Choice

1# 17 WSM – 20 Grain V-Max – Hornady Varmint Express

17 WSM - 20 Grain V-Max - Hornady Varmint Express

50 Rounds

Looking for an effective way to take down prairie dogs, coyotes, and other varmints? Pay attention to Hornady’s 17 WSM V-Max round. This powerful round has a muzzle velocity of 3,000 feet per second, making it one of the fastest on the market. The polymer tip ensures devastation expansion after impact, while the Rimfire-primed brass casing protects against corrosion. With little recoil, this round is perfect for range training and marksmanship practice. Don’t let varmints ruin your day – pick up a box of Hornady’s 17 WSM V-Max rounds and be prepared for anything.

  • V-Max bullet design for devastating expansion
  • Muzzle velocity of 3000 feet per second
  • Polymer tip for increased accuracy
  • Brass casing for corrosion resistance
  • Recoil is minimal
  • Pricey compared to other rounds
  • May not be as effective on larger game
  • Polymer tip could potentially deform on impact


2# 17 Winchester Super Magnum – 25 Grain Polymer Tip – Winchester

17 Winchester Super Magnum - 25 Grain Polymer Tip - Winchester

50 Rounds

The new 17 Winchester Super Magnum is the highest velocity rimfire cartridge in the world, providing unmatched performance for varmint and predator hunting. With a muzzle velocity of 2600 ft/s, this ammunition delivers exceptional energy and trajectory for long-range shots. The 25-grain polymer tip bullet is designed for maximum expansion and penetration, making it the perfect choice for taking down even the most elusive prey. If you’re in a search of the ultimate rimfire performance, reach for Winchester’s Varmint HE line of ammunition.

Video review

  • High-velocity rimfire cartridge
  • Exceptional energy and trajectory
  • Maximum expansion and penetration
  • Polymer tip may not provide sufficient penetration on larger game


3# 17 Winchester Super Magnum – 25 Grain Polymer Tip Brass Cased – Browning

17 Winchester Super Magnum - 25 Grain Polymer Tip Brass Cased - Browning

50 Rounds

Wish to have an edge on your varmint hunting? Check out Browning BPR .17 Winchester Super Magnum 25 Grain Polymer Tip Brass Cased Rimfire Ammunition. These high-level performance rounds are designed for smooth feeding, reliable extraction, and consistent performance. The black oxide bullet coating provides reliable functioning and performance in semi-auto rifles.

  • Black Oxide bullet coating for reliable functioning and performance in semi-auto rifles
  • Smooth feeding
  • Reliable extraction
  • Consistent performance
  • Black Oxide bullet coating can cause malfunctions in semi-automatic rifles
  • May not work well with all firearms


4# 17 Winchester Super Magnum – 20 Grain Polymer Tip – Winchester

17 Winchester Super Magnum - 20 Grain Polymer Tip - Winchester

50 Rounds

The new 17 Winchester Super Magnum is the highest-velocity rimfire cartridge in the world. It ballistically exceeds the velocity, energy, trajectory, and wind drift characteristics of all other rimfire products currently available. The 20-grain polymer tip bullet provides exceptional accuracy and terminal performance on varmints and predators. The brass cartridge case is reloadable for continued use. This ammunition is designed for use in rifles chambered for the 17 Winchester Super Magnum calibre.

Video review

  • The highest velocity rimfire cartridge in the world
  • Exceptional accuracy and terminal performance on varmints and predators
  • The reloadable brass cartridge case
  • Can only be used in rifles chambered for the 17 Winchester Super Magnum caliber


5# 17 Winchester Super Magnum – 20 Grain V-MAX – Hornady

17 Winchester Super Magnum - 20 Grain V-MAX - Hornady

50 Rounds

The 17 Winchester Super Magnum is a high-powered rimfire cartridge that is perfect for varmint hunting. The 20-grain V-MAX bullet fires at 3000 fps, delivering tack-driving accuracy and dramatic expansion on impact. The polymer tip of the bullet ensures superior performance at long range, while the high velocity of the bullet makes it ideal for taking down varmints at extended range. With its hard-hitting performance and impressive accuracy, the 17 Winchester Super Magnum is sure to be a favorite among varmint hunters everywhere.

Video review

  • Hard-hitting V-MAX technology
  • Polymer tip delivers tack-driving accuracy
  • Dramatic expansion on impact
  • Uniformity of the Hornady 17 WSM case
  • Expensive
  • Only for varmint hunting


6# 17 Winchester Super Magnum – 15 Grain Rapid Expansion Polymer Tip – Winchester

17 Winchester Super Magnum - 15 Grain Rapid Expansion Polymer Tip - Winchester

50 Rounds

The new Winchester VARMINT X LF .17 Winchester Super Magnum 15 grain Rapid Expansion Polymer Tip Rimfire Ammunition is the perfect choice for varmint and predator hunters. The sleek, lead-free core bullets are explosive upon impact, providing hunters with the ammunition they need to take down their prey quickly and efficiently.

  • Designed specifically for predator and varmint hunters
  • Explosive upon impact
  • Combines proven dependability with the latest technology
  • Alloys used in bullet construction may not be as durable as traditional lead bullets


Storage 📂

✅ It is important to ensure that the ammo is stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or any other sources of heat.

✅ To prevent humidity buildup, ammo should also be stored in an airtight container such as a sealed plastic bag or military-grade ammo box.

✅ It is also important to store the ammo separately from any firearms and out of reach of children.

✅ If possible, it is a good idea to store the ammo with desiccants such as silica gel packets. This will help absorb moisture that would otherwise damage the integrity of the ammunition over time.

✅ When storing multiple rounds together, it is recommended to rotate them every few months in order to maintain good performance and prevent corrosion from settling in one spot for too long.

✅ It’s also essential to keep records of 17 WSM Ammo purchases and stores on file for future reference.


What Is The Effective Range Of A 17 WSM?
The range of a 17 WSM cartridge is highly dependent on the ammunition and rifle used.

🟡 In general, the 17 WSM has an effective range of about 150 to 175 yards when used in a bolt-action rifle.

🟡When used in a semi-automatic or lever-action rifle, the effective range may be reduced to 125 yards or less.

Is 17 WSM Ammo Still Being Made?
Yes, this ammo is still being made. There is a variety of them available on the market, and new products are being released all the time.
What Is The Parent Case For The 17 WSM?
The WSM family includes the extremely popular .270 WSM and 7mm WSM calibres, as well as the more powerful .300 WSM and .325 WSM calibres. The WSM cartridges are based on the successful short magnum (or “short mag”) concept, which combines a shorter case length with a larger bullet diameter to create a high-performance cartridge.
Can You Shoot 17 HMR In A 17 WSM Rifle?

The simple answer is yes, you can shoot 17 HMR in a 17 WSM rifle. However, there is a thing to keep in mind before doing so.

🟣 The 17 WSM has a slightly larger case than the 17 HMR. This means that the bullet of the 17 WSM will have a higher velocity and energy than the 17 HMR.

What Are The Drawbacks Of 17 WSM Ammo?
⚫ It has quite a flat trajectory, the bullet drop is significant at long range. This can make it difficult to hit targets at long range, which is why many hunters prefer to use this ammunition for short to medium-range hunting only.

Conclusion 😎

If you are looking for the best WSM ammo, then look no further. In this article, we have provided a buyer’s guide to help you make an informed decision when purchasing 17 ammo. We have also included product reviews and useful tips to ensure that you get the most out of your purchase. Thanks for reading! 🌟 🤝

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26 days ago

I’ve found that the 17wsm 25gr bullets are incredibly accurate and seem to be more effective against woodchucks than the 20gr bullets. The same goes for the 17hmr – the 20gr XTP bullets are simply amazing. I think it would be fantastic if Hornady were to release a 17wsm 25gr XTP bullet. While the Vmax bullets for both 17s are certainly good, I personally believe that the XTP is even better when it comes to varmint hunting.

26 days ago

I find the ballistic data of the caliber to be quite fascinating. However, I am concerned about the potential throat erosion of the rifle and the life span of the barrel with such high velocities. Additionally, I’m not entirely convinced that this caliber has a distinct purpose, as there are other calibers that could potentially perform better in any role it may fill. Despite these concerns, I do have a personal affinity for the .17 hmr and am interested in eventually acquiring a .17 wsm or .17 hornet for myself.

26 days ago

I have a friend who owns a rifle (I believe it’s a Savage, but I’m not completely sure). While the rifle seems to be fairly accurate, the small bullets are easily affected by wind and tend to be pushed around quite a bit.

26 days ago

I personally own the skinny barrel b-mag, which I got at a great sale price. I added a Boyds stock to it and it shoots fantastically well. It can easily hit MOA with the 25 grain Winchesters. However, I’ve found that the Hornady 20 grain rounds are quite inconsistent in my gun. I might have three touching shots, but then a couple of wild ones. To investigate, I weighed around 50 cartridges and found as much as a grain and a half difference in weight between the loaded cartridges in the Hornady 20 gr rounds. In contrast, the Winchesters all weighed within a half grain of each other.

26 days ago

Hi! Do you like the 25 grain bullets or the 20 grain?

Zack Buck
Reply to  Ssyilymad
26 days ago

The choice between 25-grain and 20-grain 17 WSM bullets ultimately depends on the specific use case and personal preference.

🟡 In general, 25-grain 17 WSM bullets may offer better performance for long-range shooting and hunting larger varmints due to their higher ballistic coefficient and greater retained energy at longer distances. They may also provide more consistent accuracy in some rifles.

🟡 On the other hand, 20-grain 17 WSM bullets may offer higher muzzle velocities and flatter trajectories, making them better suited for shorter-range shooting and smaller varmints. They may also be more widely available and less expensive.

Ultimately, the best bullet weight for your specific needs will depend on factors such as your shooting distance, the size of the target, and your desired level of accuracy and velocity.

26 days ago

I’m really disappointed that the 17WSM isn’t available in the UK, as it seems like the perfect caliber for safe, 200 yard shots on rabbits and crows. I personally think that a 204 rimfire based on the 17WSM case would be even more effective on slightly bigger varmints like foxes out to around 150 yards, especially if loaded with a 34 grain bullet at around 2600 fps. While it may not be quite as powerful as a hornet, it would still be a great option.

As for the 17WSM ammo from Hornady, I think it would be fantastic for safe, 200 yard varmint shooting near built-up areas. I’m really envious of those who are able to use it!

26 days ago

I hear 17 WSM ammo is hard to find

Zack Buck
Reply to  Trinity
26 days ago

The availability of 17 WSM ammo can vary depending on location and market conditions. In some areas, it may be readily available at local gun shops or online retailers, while in other areas it may be more difficult to find or out of stock. You can use some links from our post as well

26 days ago

Do you know the speed of 17 wsm bullets? Thank you

Zack Buck
Reply to  Pelagud
26 days ago

The exact velocity can vary depending on the specific load and bullet weight, but typical velocities for the 17 WSM range from around 2600 to 3000 feet per second (fps) at the muzzle.