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Best 300 H&H Mag Ammo

What is 300 H&H Mag Ammo? 🔍

🚀 300 H&H Mag, also known as the .300 Holland & Holland Magnum, is a powerful centerfire rifle cartridge developed in the early 1920s by the British gunmaker Holland & Holland. It is a popular cartridge for hunting large game, such as deer, elk, and bear, at long ranges.

300 H&H Mag Ammo

Features 🔥

📍 Superior Long-Range Accuracy 📍 High Velocity
📍 Versatility 📍 Energy Retention
📍 Superior Penetration 📍 High Expansion
Our Top Pick
300 H&H Magnum – 180 Gr Trophy Bonded Tip – Federal
When it comes to hunting ammunition, don't settle for anything but the best - Federal's 300 H&H Magnum load with Trophy Bonded Tip. It is one of a kind and provides exceptional accuracy, flight performance, deep penetration, and bullet weight retention thanks to its premium construction.
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Benefits 💣

⚡️ The .300 H&H Mag Ammo has a flatter trajectory, higher velocity, and less wind drift than most other calibers ➔ which makes it perfect for long-range shooting.
⚡️ The cartridge can be used for hunting big game, as well as target shooting and competition.
⚡️ It has excellent penetration capabilities ➔ making it ideal for hunting larger animals.
⚡️ The high velocity provides excellent kinetic energy ➔ making it highly effective for hunting.
⚡️ The ammo has excellent energy retention ➔ meaning that it maintains its power and effectiveness even at longer ranges.
⚡️ The hollow point version of it has excellent expansion capabilities ➔ making it ideal for hunting animals with thick hides.
Our Top Pick
300 H&H Magnum – 180 Gr Interbond – Hornady
Are you ready to amplify the performance of your 300 H&H Magnum? Hornady Custom's 180-grain Interbond is ideal for reliable accuracy and tremendous power! This round was designed with precision in mind, delivering optimum knockdown force that makes it perfect for target practice or recreational shooting.
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What are the types? 👀

.300 H&H Magnum ammunition is available in a variety of types, including:

  • 1️⃣ Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)

⇢ typically used for target shooting and training.

  • 2️⃣ Soft Point (SP)

⇢ has a partially exposed lead tip that allows for controlled expansion upon impact, making it ideal for hunting medium to large game.

  • 3️⃣ Hollow Point (HP)

⇢ has a cavity in the nose that allows for even greater expansion upon impact, making it ideal for hunting larger game.

  • 4️⃣ Boat-Tail Hollow Point (BTHP)

⇢ similar to a hollow point, a boat-tail hollow point has a tapered rear that helps increase ballistic performance and accuracy over longer distances.

  • 5️⃣ Ballistic Tip (BT)

⇢ features a polymer tip that enhances ballistic performance and accuracy while also facilitating controlled expansion upon impact.

  • 6️⃣ Partition

⇢ designed to provide deep penetration and controlled expansion upon impact, making them ideal for hunting larger game.

  • 7️⃣ Solid

⇢ typically used for hunting dangerous game as they are designed to penetrate deeply and provide reliable, consistent performance.

300 H&H Mag Ammo

Best 🌟 300 H&H Mag Ammo Reviews

1# 300 H&H Magnum – 180 gr Trophy Bonded Tip – Federal

300 H&H Magnum - 180 gr Trophy Bonded Tip - Federal 

20 Rounds

Don’t trust just any hunting Ammunition- Federal’s 300 H&H Magnum load with Trophy Bonded Tip is the reliable, high-quality option you’ve been searching for. This premium ammunition features a long-profiled boat-tail bullet designed for accurate flight and deep penetration, as well as high-weight retention thanks to the bullet’s tough construction. The bullet is also tipped with a neon-translucent polymer tip for even greater accuracy. And because the casings and bullets are both nickel-plated, you can be sure this ammo will stand up to the elements, even if you’re carrying it in a leather bandolier. So when you’re headed into the field, make sure you’ve got a few boxes of this great ammo in your gun safe.

Video review

  • Surgically accurate
  • Ideal for medium/big game as well as range practice
  • Exterior skiving gives optimum expansion
  • Solid shank for bone-crushing penetration
  • Nickel-plated for easy extraction and corrosion protection
  • May not be legal in all states
  • Some may consider the polymer tip to be a gimmick


2# 300 H&H Magnum – 180 gr Interbond – Hornady

300 H&H Magnum - 180 gr Interbond - Hornady 


Do you want to get the most out of your 300 H&H Magnum? Look no further than Hornady Custom’s 180-grain Interbond for an accurate and powerful round! This round is designed for optimum knockdown power, making it the perfect choice for target practice or plinking. Featuring a muzzle velocity of 2870 feet per second and muzzle energy of 3292 pounds, this round is sure to pack a punch. And because each round is hand inspected before packaging, you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality ammunition on the market. So don’t settle for less – choose Hornady Custom for your next trip to the range!

Video review

  • Accurate
  • Powerful
  • Superior quality control
  • May be more expensive than other similar ammo


Is 300 H&H Magnum the same as 300 Win Mag? 💡

❌ The 300 H&H Magnum and the 300 Winchester Magnum are not the same cartridges, though they are very similar.

The 300 H&H was developed first, in 1925, and is based on the old 304 H&H British Nitro Express round. The 300 Winchester came along 30 years later and is based on the extremely popular Winchester Model 70 rifle.

♻️ Both cartridges are excellent choices for long-range hunting and shooting, but there are some key differences between them.

1️⃣ The most obvious difference is:

  • ⇢ that the 300 H&H uses a belted case, while the 300 Winchester does not. Belted cases tend to be more reliable and have less chance of Case head separations.

2️⃣ The other main difference between these two rounds is:

  • ⇢ the way they are loaded. The 300 H&H is a rimless cartridge, which means that it can be fed from a magazine. The 300 Winchester, on the other hand, is a rimmed cartridge and must be loaded one bullet at a time.

300 H&H Mag Ammo


What caliber is a 300 H&H?
🔵 The .300 H&H Magnum cartridge is a rifle cartridge with a caliber of .308 inches (7.82 mm).
Is a 300 H&H Mag more powerful than a 30-06?
⚡️ Yes, the .300 H&H Magnum cartridge is generally considered to be more powerful than the .30-06 cartridge.

  • ☄️ It was developed in the early 1920s and was one of the first commercially successful magnum cartridges. It fires a .308-inch bullet at higher velocities than the .30-06, typically achieving muzzle velocities around 2,900-3,000 feet per second (fps).
  • ☄️ In comparison, the .30-06 was developed in the early 1900s and has been a popular hunting and military cartridge for over a century. It also fires a .308-inch bullet but at lower velocities, typically achieving muzzle velocities around 2,700-2,900 fps.

🔔 So, the .300 H&H Magnum generally has a flatter trajectory, more energy, and greater range than the .30-06, making it a popular choice for long-range shooting and hunting larger game. ✅ However, the .30-06 is still a very capable cartridge and has been used effectively for hunting and military purposes for many decades.

Which is stronger 300 H&H Mag ammo or 308?
✅ The .300 H&H Magnum ammunition is generally considered to be more powerful than the .308 Winchester ammunition.

📢 Its cartridge fires a heavier bullet at a higher velocity than the .308 Winchester cartridge:

  • 🔰 It typically fires a .30 caliber bullet weighing between 150 and 220 grains at velocities of around 2,900-3,000 feet per second.
  • 🔰 In contrast, the .308 Winchester fires a .30 caliber bullet weighing between 110 and 180 grains at velocities of around 2,500-2,800 feet per second.
Can you hunt deer with a 300 H&H Mag?

🦌 Yes, you can hunt deer with a 300 H&H Magnum. It is a powerful rifle cartridge that can be used for hunting a variety of game, including deer.

⚠️ However, it’s important to note that the ammo is a very powerful cartridge, and it may be more than is necessary for hunting deer, depending on the size of the deer you’re hunting and the conditions in which you’re hunting. Using a cartridge that is too powerful can increase the risk of over-penetration or damage to the meat.

Conclusion ⏰

Now that you have read this buyer’s guide, we hope that you are better informed about the different types of ammo available on the market. Also hope that this article has helped to clear up any questions or concerns you may have had about Best 300 H&H Mag Ammo. Thank you for reading! 🤠

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10 months ago

To be honest, I have found the 180-grain soft point Interlock bullet to be highly effective for over four decades. Additionally, its reasonable price enables me to engage in more shooting activities.

10 months ago

What is the recoil of 300 H&H Mag ammo like? Is it manageable for most shooters?

Athletic Natedits
Athletic Natedits
10 months ago

Hey. Using it for long-range shooting competitions, and it goes great. The accuracy and consistency of this round are also great and I’ve never had any issues with misfires or jams. 

10 months ago

I am a proud owner of a Remington Model 721 in the popular 300 H&H chambering, and it remains one of my favorite rifles. I have personally worked up two loads for my rifle, one using 165-grain Grand Slam bullets, and the other utilizing 185-grain Berger VLDs, both of which have taken down elk successfully.
One of the things I love about this cartridge is its versatility, as it can be loaded down for a smaller game or loaded heavily for a bigger game. My grandfather, who passed down the rifle to me, used to use it for moose hunting with a 220-grain round nose bullet, and it performed flawlessly.

10 months ago

sure the 130gr. Trophy Bonded Tip is an excellent choice for my 270 Win rifle

10 months ago

From my experience, Hornady is excellent for hunting big games. The accuracy and stopping power of this round are truly exceptional. I’ve taken down elk, moose, and even a grizzly bear with ease. Would buy it more.

10 months ago

would like to know what is the effective range of 300 H&H Mag ammo?

Pretty Tem
Pretty Tem
10 months ago

I’ve been using the .300 H&H Mag for hunting big game for years. It never fails and I would say it’s the perfect cartridge for taking down the large game at long ranges.