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Looking for the best ammo for your 7mm STW? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best ammo options for this powerful cartridge. So whether you’re looking to do some hunting or just enjoy some target shooting, we’ve got you covered! Stay tuned for our top picks.

Best 7mm STW Ammo


Best 7mm STW Ammo Reviews

1# 7mm STW – 162 Grain ELD-X – Hornady Precision Hunter

7mm STW - 162 Grain ELD-X - Hornady Precision Hunter

20 Rounds

Are you looking for a high-quality, reliable hunting cartridge that can handle any game, anywhere? Look no further than the 7mm STW – 162 Grain ELD-X from Hornady Precision Hunter. This top-of-the-line cartridge is loaded with the most advanced all-range hunting bullet available, making it a great choice for any hunter.

The Heat Shield tip of the Hornady ELD-X bullet is designed to resist the effects of aerodynamic heating, meaning it will retain its shape and provide a consistent point of impact even at long range. Combined with the streamlined secant ogive and AMP bullet jackets, this makes for a supremely accurate bullet with a high BC. And because it retains its velocity and expands rapidly, it’s ideal for taking down larger game animals.

So don’t settle for anything less than the best – order the 7mm STW – 162 Grain ELD-X from Hornady Precision Hunter today. Your trophy has never been closer.

  • Heat Shield Tip resists the effects of aerodynamic heating
  • Boat Tail Design
  • Low Drag, Expanding Bullet
  • 50% weight retention at higher velocities
  • 85-90% retained weight on low-velocity impacts
  • Higher price
  • Limited availability


2# 7mm STW – 140 Grain PSP BT – PCI

7mm STW - 140 Grain PSP BT - PCI

20 Rounds

The 7mm STW – 140 Grain PSP BT – PCI from American manufacturer PCI is a unique and hard-to-find round that is perfect for taking down large game animals. The reloadable brass casing is fitted with a non-corrosive Boxer primer and causes maximum damage to the target.

The reloadable brass casing and non-corrosive Boxer primer make this a reliable and long-lasting round that you can count on in any situation. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or new to the sport, the 7mm STW – 140 Grain PSP BT – PCI is an ideal choice for your next hunt.

  • Boat tail design markedly improves ballistic coefficient
  • Greater velocity downrange
  • Sleek, streamlined profile and sharp meplat to slice through the air superbly
  • Exposed, soft core will cause rapid expansion
  • Non-corrosive Boxer primer may be less reliable than other primers
  • Some shooters may find the recoil to be too much for comfort



What does STW mean in ammo?

STW stands for “Shooting Times Westerner” and is a rifle cartridge developed in the early 1990s. The STW is a shortened, improved version of the venerable .308 Winchester cartridge. It offers significantly better ballistic performance than the .308 Win, making it an excellent choice for long-range hunting and shooting.

How far will a 7mm STW shoot?

A 7mm STW cartridge will shoot a deer-sized animal up to about 400 yards, but the effective range for taking game is typically considered to be around 250 yards. Beyond that distance, the projectile may not have enough energy to bring down the animal cleanly.

But in the hands of an experienced shooter clean hit at up to 1,100 yards is no problem for this bullet.

What are the different types of 7mm STW Ammo?

The most popular types of 7mm STW Ammo are:

  •  Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
  •  Soft Point (SP)
  •  Hollow Point (HP)

What are the benefits of each type of 7mm STW Ammo?

Full Metal Jacket (FMJ):

  • Best for target shooting and training
  • More affordable than other types
  • Less likely to expand on impact, so penetration is usually deeper

Soft Point (SP):

  • Best for hunting
  • Expands on impact, so it causes more damage to the target
  • More expensive than FMJ ammunition

Hollow Point (HP):

  • Best for self-defense
  • Expands on impact, so it causes more damage to the target
  • More expensive than FMJ ammunition

What are the benefits of using 7mm STW Ammo?

There are many benefits to using 7mm STW Ammo. One of the main benefits is that it provides a high level of accuracy when shooting. 7mm STW Ammo is also known for being very reliable and consistent. Additionally, 7mm STW Ammo is less likely to jam than other types of ammunition. Finally, 7mm STW Ammo is relatively inexpensive compared to other types of ammunition.

What are some tips for using 7mm STW Ammo?

Some tips for using 7mm STW Ammo include: clean your gun regularly, use a higher quality gun oil, and store your ammo in a cool dry place. Additionally, it is important to practice shooting with 7mm STW Ammo before using it in a real-life situation.

What are some of the best 7mm STW Ammo products on the market?

Some of the best 7mm STW Ammo products on the market include Federal Premium, Hornady, Nosler, and Winchester. These companies offer high-quality products that are reliable and consistent. Additionally, these companies offer great customer service and support.

How does 7mm STW Ammo compare to other types of ammo?

7mm STW Ammo is very popular among hunters and shooters. It offers good accuracy and power and has a relatively high velocity compared to other rifle cartridges. 7mm STW Ammo is also popular because it is relatively affordable and easy to find.

There are many different types of ammo on the market, so it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Here is a quick comparison of 7mm STW Ammo to some of the other most popular types of ammo:

  • 22LR: 22LR is a small caliber rimfire cartridge, and is not as powerful as 7mm STW Ammo. However, it is much cheaper and easier to find. 22LR is a good choice for plinking or small game hunting.
  • 9mm Luger: 9mm Luger is a popular self-defense cartridge that is also used for target shooting and plinking. It is more powerful than 22LR, but not as powerful as 7mm STW Ammo. 9mm Luger is a good choice for self-defense or target shooting.
  • 223 Remington: 223 Remington is a popular rifle cartridge that is used for hunting and target shooting. It is more powerful than 7mm STW Ammo, but not as accurate. 223 Remington is a good choice for hunting or long-range target shooting.

7mm STW Ammo offers a good balance of power and accuracy and is a good choice for many different types of shooters. If you are looking for an affordable, accurate, and powerful cartridge, 7mm STW Ammo is a great choice.


When it comes to finding the best 7mm STW ammo, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. The first is the type of firearm that you will be using. Not all ammunition is created equal, and some guns work better with certain types of rounds than others. You also need to think about what you will be using the ammo for. Certain rounds are designed for hunting or target shooting, while others are built for self-defense. Once you have narrowed down your options based on these factors, it’s time to start testing out different brands and styles of ammo to see which ones shoot the most accurately and perform best in your gun.

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