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Best 444 Marlin Ammo

What is 444 Marlin Ammo? 🧐

It is a type of centerfire rifle ammunition used for hunting and recreational shooting. It is readily available in most gun stores, and it has become popular among hunters due to its high accuracy and long-range capabilities.

444 Marlin Ammo

Benefits 🔥

444 Marlin ammo is an excellent rifle cartridge choice for hunting, target shooting, and self-defense. 

  • 🔷 This ammo offers great accuracy and power, making it a reliable choice for both novice and experienced shooters alike.
  • 🔶 One of the main benefits is its versatility in terms of the various types available. There are options to suit any need or budget – from lightweight bullets that are ideal for smaller games to heavier bullets designed for larger targets.
  • 🔷 Additionally, this ammunition offers minimal recoil so even those who don’t have significant experience won’t be overwhelmed.
  • 🔶 Another benefit is its affordability. This ammo isn’t as expensive as some other rifle cartridges, making it a great choice. Furthermore, this round is widely available in many gun stores and online retailers, so you should have no problem finding the perfect option to suit your needs.
  • 🔷 Finally, this ammo also offers excellent accuracy and terminal performance on larger game animals at various distances.
  • 🔶 With its flat trajectory and high velocity, you can be sure your shots will hit the mark with deadly accuracy every time.
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Features 💡

The 444 Marlin ammo is widely regarded for its performance, accuracy, and excellent penetration. 

  • ✅ Its high-velocity design provides a flat trajectory with minimal recoil, making it easy to shoot accurately.
  • ✅ The round can travel up to 2000 yards with precision, allowing you to take down bigger games from farther away.
  • ✅ Its hard-hitting power makes it an ideal choice for hunting large games like elk and moose.

Best 444 Marlin Ammo

➡️ The 444 Marlin cartridge comes in several different varieties, such as jacketed soft points (JSP), jacketed hollow points (JHP), and lead alloy rounds.

  • 💠 JSP rounds are designed specifically for hunting big game animals and provide maximum expansion on impact.
  • 💠 JHP rounds offer increased damage with better energy transfer on target, while lead alloy rounds provide better accuracy and penetration.

💥 In addition to its excellent performance, this round is also built for enhanced safety. Its rimmed case design helps ensure reliable cycling in lever-action rifles and its slow-burning propellant helps reduce barrel fouling.

Ballistics 🎯

⭕ The ballistics of 444 Marlin ammo is impressive. It has a 24-inch barrel length with a 1:20 twist and can achieve velocities up to 2830 feet per second (fps).

Ballistics of 444 Marlin ammo

  • ⚡ The heavy bullet weight ensures excellent penetration, making it an ideal choice for hunting large game.
  • ⚡ In addition, the relatively flat trajectory allows for accurate shots from longer ranges.
  • ⚡ It also offers excellent expansion, which increases its stopping power when used for hunting large game animals.
  • ⚡ Its thick jacket also helps reduce lead fouling and improves accuracy over time.

Best 🚀 444 Marlin Ammo Reviews

1# 444 Marlin – 265 Grain Interlock FSP – Hornady Superformance

444 Marlin - 265 Grain Interlock FSP - Hornady Superformance

20 Rounds

Searching for some high-quality, premium lever gun ammunition? Look no further than Hornady’s Superformance line. The propellant provides an extremely powerful load, surpassing the muzzle velocity of typical 444 Marlin rounds by nearly 300 FPS! And the Hornady FSP bullet gives this round incredible stopping power and controlled expansion while allowing smooth cycling of your lever action repeater. So don’t settle for anything less than the best – grab a box of Hornady Superformance 444 Marlin ammo today!

  • Dramatically flatter trajectories
  • Increased downrange energy
  • Optimum terminal performance
  • Can be hard to find


2# 444 Marlin – 265 gr FTX LEVERevolution – Hornady

444 Marlin - 265 gr FTX LEVERevolution - Hornady

20 Rounds

Need an edge in your lever gun ammo? Check out Hornady’s FTX LEVERevolution line. With up to 40% more energy and 250 fps faster than traditional flat point loads, this custom-grade ammunition will give you the trajectory and terminal performance you need for success. The Elastomer Flex Tip improves the ballistic coefficient significantly over traditional rounds, producing flatter trajectories and devastating terminal performance. So don’t settle for standard lever gun ammo – get the power and precision of Hornady’s FTX LEVERevolution. 20 rounds per box.

  • Higher velocity than traditional flat point loads
  • Up to 40% more energy
  • 250 fps faster
  • Elastomer Flex Tip for flatter trajectories and devastating terminal performance
  • More expensive than other ammo options


How to reload? 🧑‍🔧

Reloading 444 Marlin ammunition is a great way to save money and customize your rounds. It requires special tools, but with the right equipment and some practice, you can reload your ammo quickly and easily. Here are the steps for reloading: 

  • 1️⃣ Gather all of the necessary supplies: brass cases, bullets, powder, primers, shell holder, and die set.
  • 2️⃣ Clean your brass cases before loading them into the press. This ensures that any dirt or debris won’t get in the way during the loading process.
  • 3️⃣ Place one case in the shell holder on top of the press. Then, use the die set to resize and de-prime the case.
  • 4️⃣ After resizing, weigh each brass case with a scale and trim as necessary for weight uniformity.
  • 5️⃣ Place primers in the primer tray of your press and insert one into each brass case.
  • 6️⃣ Measure powder using powder measure and pour it into each brass case accordingly.
  • 7️⃣ Finally, seat bullets onto each case using a seating die from the die set, following manufacturer specifications on bullet weight and OAL (overall length).

😉 Once you’ve completed all of these steps, your 444 Marlin ammo is ready for use!


Is Marlin 444 discontinued?

🤔 No❗ Marlin 444 is not discontinued❗It is still being manufactured by the company.⚡

  • ➡️ There has been some speculation that the company might discontinue the 444 lines of ammunition, but so far, there is no evidence to support this claim.
What is the difference between 45-70 and 444?

🤠 The 444 Marlin was introduced in 1964 by Marlin Firearms Company. It was specifically designed as a more powerful alternative to the 45-70 Government cartridge.

  • 🔷 The 444 Marlin is a rimless cartridge, while the 45-70 is a rimmed cartridge.
  • 🔷 This means that the 444 can be loaded into a magazine, while the 45-70 cannot.
  • 🔷 The 444 Marlin is also shorter than the 45-70.
What is the best bullet weight for it?

😎 The best bullet weight for a 444 Marlin will depend on what you plan to use it for. 

  • 🎯 For hunting, the most common bullet weights range from 150-200 grains, and for target shooting, 180-240 grains are usually used.
  • 🎯 When targeting large games such as bears and elk, heavier bullets of 270 grains or more should be used for maximum effect.
How hard does it kick?

🔥 The power of a 444 Marlin is comparable to that of other large-bore rifle calibers. 

  • 💥 When firing standard loads, it can generate recoil energy between 22 and 26 fps. Naturally, when shooting heavier or specialty ammunition, the recoil is increased.

📌 However, with proper form and technique, most shooters find the kick manageable due to its fast bullet velocity and low muzzle blast.

Is higher bullet velocity better?

😀 When it comes to 444 Marlin ammo, many shooters are divided on the issue of bullet velocity. 

  • ❇️ Some claim that higher velocity leads to better accuracy and greater knockdown power, while others believe that lower bullet velocity is more accurate and causes less over-penetration. 

❗ It’s important to note that the best ammo for any given shooter is highly dependent on their skill level, firearm type, and shooting environment.

Conclusion 😊

444 Marlin ammo is a great choice for hunting large game. It has enough power to take down even the largest animals, while still being accurate enough to make a clean kill. In this article, we’ve reviewed some of the best ammo on the market and given you some tips on how to choose the right product for your needs. We hope you found this information helpful and that it will help you make the most out of your next hunting trip. 🎯👍


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Alex Wright
Alex Wright
11 months ago

I own a Marlin 444S rifle that was manufactured in 1979. I haven’t used it for hunting in the past few years due to the scarcity and high cost of ammunition. Although I can reload it, I haven’t tried it yet. I am hoping to get some advice from others regarding their preferred bullet brand, particularly when it comes to pet loads.

Reply to  Alex Wright
11 months ago

I reload for my 444 and it’s the reason why I enjoy it so much. I have a variety of loads, some of which are rather unconventional. For instance, I have a 200gr XTP load that reaches almost 2800fps, but it kicks so hard that I’m always worried it’ll break the stock. I also have 240, 265, and 300 gr loads, as well as a round ball, 3-ball, and shot loads. Out of all my guns, the 444 is easily my favorite to reload for.

Robin Knapp
Robin Knapp
Reply to  Alex Wright
11 months ago

If you’re interested in trying it out, I recommend using the Hornady 265 gr Interlock FSP bullet as a starting point. I’ve had success with this bullet in 50yd one-hole groups (with peeps) using every powder I’ve tried, including Rl-7, H-335, and IMR 4198. I spent a lot of time, effort, and money trying to match the accuracy of the factory load. Despite my rifle having a 1:38″ twist (like yours, mine is a first-year ’64 model), I found that some guns can shoot them very well.

11 months ago

I’m looking for guidance on creating light or low chamber pressure loads for mine.444 Marlin rifle. I plan to use modern powders and primers, and I have brass for the .444 Marlin and .429 diameter X 225 gr cast bullets. My goal is to use these loads for light or plinking purposes. I came across some load data in an older handbook, but I’m struggling to find some of the powders and primers that it recommends.

Larry Schultz
Larry Schultz
Reply to  Dalalhala
11 months ago

To be honest, I’m aware of Trail Boss, Hodgdon’s substitute for the old IMR/SR-4759 powder. However, there isn’t a lot of data available for it at the moment. I’m a bit hesitant to try the formula that recommends, which suggests starting with a load that’s 70% of the weight of a full case of factory powder.

Reply to  Dalalhala
11 months ago

I’ve measured some fired and non-resized shotgun hulls that the previous owner gave me, and they fit perfectly (with a snug fit). These hulls have a diameter of 0.4706 inches at the base, which is very close to the diameter of the .444 Marlin case base. You can try to find a similar hull for your need.

Arthur Ward
Arthur Ward
11 months ago

I reload .444 Marlin cartridges and I am searching for load data that uses 265-grain Interlock bullets with Vihtavuori N130 powder. I have an older Hornady catalog that suggests a powder charge range of 39.3 grains to 50.9 grains. However, I think these powder charges may be inaccurate since Vihtavuori recommends a powder charge range of 47.7 grains to 53.2 grains. I am curious if Hornady has updated its load data in its newer editions, but unfortunately, I don’t have access to the latest catalog. Therefore, I am wondering if someone who has the 10th edition reloading manual or any Hornady manual after the 4th edition could provide info on the load data for 265-grain Interlock bullets in .444 Marlin.

Reply to  Arthur Ward
11 months ago

According to the 10th edition, the powder charge range for 265-grain Interlock bullets in .444 Marlin is 39.3-50.9 grains. However, it appears that Hornady tends to use conservative data for certain firearms. If you are using a modern rifle that can withstand higher pressures, I suggest starting around 45 grains and gradually increasing the charge while keeping an eye out for any signs of pressure.

Franco Curtis
Franco Curtis
Reply to  Arthur Ward
11 months ago

I would like to point out that the 9th edition of the Hornady manual also lists the same powder charge range of 39.3 to 50.9 grains for 265-grain Interlock bullets in .444 Marlin.