What is Ammo?

Ammo (colloquial term for ammunition) is the general term used to describe the material fired, scattered, or projected from any weapon. Ammo is an important part of any firearms collection. Proper storage is essential to maintaining the quality and safety of your ammo: when stored properly, ammo can last for many years.

Types of ammo

There are all sorts of ammunition out there. From the trusty .22 caliber to the high-powered .50 BMG, there’s a bullet for every job. But what are the different types of ammo, and when should you use them?

  • Centerfire ammo is what you’ll find in most handguns and rifles. The bullet is seated in the center of the case, with gunpowder surrounding it. When you pull the trigger, the firing pin strikes the primer in the center of the base, igniting the powder and driving the bullet down the barrel. Centerfire ammo is available in a wide range of calibers, from small (.22) to large (.50). It’s also available in a variety of bullet types, including full metal jacket (FMJ), hollow point (HP), and soft point (SP). FMJ bullets are mostly used for target practice, as they tend to ricochet more than other types. HP and SP bullets are used for hunting and self-defense, as they expand upon impact and cause more damage.
  • Rimfire ammo is less common than centerfire and is mostly found in .22 caliber firearms. The primer is located around the edge of the base, rather than in the center. When you pull the trigger, the firing pin strikes the rim of the base, igniting the powder and driving the bullet down the barrel. Rimfire ammo is less powerful than centerfire and is mostly used for plinking (target practice) and small game hunting. It’s also quieter than centerfire ammo, making it a good choice for suppressed firearms.
  • Shotgun ammunition – shotguns use shells instead of traditional cartridges and can fire a variety of different projectiles, including birdshot, buckshot, and slugs. Birdshot is the smallest shot size and is used for hunting birds and small game. Buckshot is larger and is used for hunting medium-sized game, such as deer. Slugs are large, heavy bullets that are used for hunting large game or for self-defense. Shotgun ammunition comes in a variety of gauges, with the most common being 12 gauge and 20 gauge. The lower the gauge number, the larger the shell. 12 gauge shells are more powerful than 20 gauge shells, but they also have more recoil.

No matter what type of firearm you have, there’s a type of ammo that will work for you. Just be sure to choose the right type of ammo for your needs.

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