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Best 223 WSSM Ammo

What is 223 WSSM Ammo? 🔍

⚫️ 223 WSSM (Winchester Super Short Magnum) ammo is a centerfire rifle cartridge that was intended to be an improved version of the .223 Remington, producing higher velocities and less felt recoil with the same bullet weight.

⚪️ It uses a .224-inch diameter (.22 caliber) bullet which can fire bullets up to 77 grains in weight. It has a maximum muzzle velocity of 3,400 feet per second making it one of the fastest .22 caliber cartridges available today for use in rifles.

🎥 Watch the video to learn more:

Features 🔋

223 WSSM ammo offers shooters a unique blend of speed and accuracy.

  • 🔰 It’s capable of delivering impressive performance in semi-automatic rifles ⟹ and is suitable for hunting, target shooting, and self-defense applications.
  • 🔰 The ammo takes advantage of its case design with a longer neck region ⟹ that houses larger quantities of powder.
  • 🔰 The shorter overall length ⟹ makes it ideal for smaller rifle actions and allows for more portability when compared to other similar cartridges.
  • 🔰 In addition, it has lower felt recoil than some other similarly sized cartridges ⟹ due to its higher ballistic coefficients.
  • 🔰 Finally, 223 WSSM is relatively inexpensive and widely available.
Our Top Pick
223 WSSM – 55 Grain Power-Point SP – Winchester Super-X
If you're looking for a cost-effective and dependable round for varmint hunting, you may want to consider the Winchester Super-X 223 WSSM. This ammunition is designed specifically for this purpose and features a 55-grain power-point soft point bullet, which offers excellent expansion and penetration for taking down the game.
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📢 223 WSSM Ammo offers a unique set of benefits, making it a popular choice for target shooting and hunting:

  • ⚪️ The cartridge allows you to carry more rounds than other cartridges of the same size.
  • ⚫️ It also provides excellent accuracy at longer distances.
  • ⚪️ Additionally, 223 WSSM Ammo reduces fatigue during extended shooting sessions.
  • ⚫️ The ammo won’t break the bank when stocking up on ammo for your favorite rifle.

 With its combination of accuracy, power, and affordability, the ammo is an ideal choice for shooters looking for maximum performance from a small-caliber round.🤩

223 WSSM ammo

What are the types of 223 WSSM Ammo? 🤷🏻‍♂️

The three most common types of 223 WSSM ammunition are:

Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) rounds have a copper jacket that completely covers the core of the bullet.

  • 🔹 This type of round provides more penetration than other types and can be used in a range of firearms.
Hollow Point (HP) rounds have an open cavity at the tip which helps increase accuracy when shooting.

  • 🔹 These rounds expand on impact and create a larger wound channel causing greater tissue damage than FMJ rounds. HP rounds are most commonly used for self-defense and hunting.
Soft Point (SP) rounds have a partially exposed lead core which provides better accuracy over FMJ ammo.

  • 🔹 These rounds expand on impact causing greater tissue damage than FMJ rounds, but not as much as HP rounds. SP rounds are most commonly used for hunting and target shooting.

Best 🚀 223 WSSM Ammo Reviews

1# 223 WSSM – 55 Grain Power-Point SP – Winchester Super-X

223 WSSM - 55 Grain Power-Point SP - Winchester Super-X 

20 Rounds

Searching for an affordable and reliable round for varmint hunting? Please note the Winchester Super-X 223 WSSM. This round features a 55-grain power-point soft point bullet that is designed for maximum expansion and penetration. The brass casing is boxer-primed and can be reloaded for future use. With a muzzle velocity of 3850 fps and muzzle energy of 1810 ft-lbs, this round is perfect for taking down small games at a long range. Don’t miss your chance to get your hands on this great round, order today!

Video review

  • Boxer-primed brass
  • Pointed soft-point
  • Penetrates well
  • Suitable for long-range shooting
  • For hunting on varmints
  • Not suitable for self-defense
  • It may not be as affordable as some other rounds
  • Not waterproof


How to hand load 223 WSSM Ammo? 💡

1️⃣ The first step is to purchase:

  • ⚙️ a reloading press;
  • ⚙️ dies;
  • ⚙️ shell holders;
  • ⚙️ primers;
  • ⚙️ appropriate caliber of brass cases.

2️⃣ Once you have all these items, you will need to set up the reloading press.

  • This may require some trial and error until you get it set correctly for optimum performance.

3️⃣ After your press is properly set up, you can begin selecting components for handloading:

  • Primers should be chosen based on what type of firearm you are using for shooting the ammunition to ensure proper ignition of the powder charge each time it is fired.
  • A powder type and charge weight for your ammunition. The powder selection should be based on the bullet weight, as different bullet weights require different amounts of propellant.
  • The correct caliber of bullets is essential for accuracy and consistency when shooting your hand-loaded ammo.

4️⃣ When all components are selected and loaded into cases, they can be loaded into their respective chambers on a reloading press.

⚠️ It is important to take caution when using a reloading press as it requires great attention to detail to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you.

🛑 Following the manufacturer’s instructions when using any loading equipment is crucial in ensuring that each step is done correctly and safely.

5️⃣ After each step of the reloading process is complete and each component corresponds to what you selected for loading, you can take your hand-loaded ammo out to the shooting range.

🎥 Watch the video to see the process:


How fast does a 223 WSSM shoot?
🚀 223 WSSM rounds typically have a muzzle velocity of 3,000 feet per second. ➜ This is slightly faster than the 223 Remington, which has a muzzle velocity of 2,700 feet per second.
What are the best brands of 223 WSSM Ammo?
👍 Among the best brands are Winchester, Hornady, and Federal. 🔋 These companies have a reputation for making high-quality ammunition that is reliable and accurate.
What is the best use for 223 WSSM Ammo?
223 WSSM ammunition is best used for hunting purposes.🐂 The extra speed and energy make it slightly more effective than the 223 Remington for taking down game animals.

🎯 It can also be used for target shooting and plinking, but there are better options available for those activities.

Is 223 WSSM ammo reloadable?
✅ The short answer is yes, 223 WSSM ammo is reloadable. However, reloading requires some special considerations when working with this particular caliber of ammunition.
What does WSSM ammo mean?
🔎 223 WSSM is a 223 Winchester Super Short Magnum.

Conclusion 🙂

223 WSSM ammo is a great choice for hunting. It offers good accuracy and stopping power at medium ranges. In this article, we have listed the best ammo based on customer reviews. We hope you found this information helpful. ❤️‍ 🔥

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Diverse Cistivel
Diverse Cistivel
1 month ago

I recently purchased some 223 WSSM ammunition for hunting, as it had a similar velocity of 3,240 fps to the practice ammo I was using, which was Federal 55g FMJ. 
To test the accuracy of the 223 WSSM, I shot at a target from a distance of 50 yards. The groupings were excellent, with the bullets hitting the same spot on the target. However, the POI was slight to the left of the bulk Federal 55g FMJ. I was very pleased with the accuracy of the 223 WSSM. It shot more accurately than the Remington 55g PSP in my AR, which was a pleasant surprise. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase and confident in the performance of this ammunition for hunting.

1 month ago

Could someone tell me what is the difference between 223 WSSM and 224 Valkyrie? cause i cannot see it

Shannon Smith
Reply to  63witeread
1 month ago

🔰 The main difference between the two is their velocity potential. ➔ The 223 WSSM’s design allows it to reach velocities up to 3,400 feet per second, while the 224 Valkyrie can reach velocities up to 3,700 feet per second.

🔸 In addition, the smaller size of the 224 Valkyrie bullets allows for more rounds to be packed into a magazine than what is possible with the 223 WSSM ammo.

ᴹᴿメY a h M a t i
ᴹᴿメY a h M a t i
1 month ago

Would this ammunition be effective in taking down a deer at a distance within 90 yards?

Reply to  ᴹᴿメY a h M a t i
1 month ago

Yes, this ammunition should be more than capable of taking down a deer at a distance of 90 yards or less. A bullet weighing 45 grains and traveling at a velocity of 1050 fps can be highly effective in dropping a deer instantly, especially if a well-placed shot is made to the head.

Reply to  ᴹᴿメY a h M a t i
1 month ago


1 month ago

Guys, from my experience, if you are hunters or target shooters looking for a high velocity, low recoil cartridge with a flat trajectory 223 was ammo is just for you. 

Ruto Virus
Ruto Virus
1 month ago

Using it for a quite long time and would like to say that I’m entirely satisfied with it. But, honestly, cannot find it anywhere these days.

1 month ago

Hey, everyone. how do you think is it worth buying for hunting bears?

Shannon Smith
Reply to  Alersinger
1 month ago

While the 223 WSSM cartridge can be effective for hunting some types of game, it is generally not considered a suitable choice for hunting bears. ⚠️ This is because bears are large, powerful animals and require a cartridge with a lot of stopping power to take them down quickly and humanely.
⭕️ The 223 WSSM is a relatively small cartridge with a bullet diameter of .224 inches, and while it has a high velocity and flat trajectory, it does not have the necessary energy and bullet weight to effectively penetrate the thick hide, bones, and muscles of a bear.

📢 For bear hunting, it is generally recommended to use a larger caliber cartridge such as the .30-06, .300 Win Mag, or .338 Lapua, among others. These cartridges have a larger bullet diameter, more energy, and greater bullet weight, which can help ensure a quick and humane kill and minimize the risk of injury to the hunter.

1 month ago

who knows the maximum distance it can reach? thanx

Reply to  10po00
1 month ago

i usually use it for shooting 70 yards. it’s perfect. Sure its maximum distance is longer