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In this blog post, we will be discussing the best 300 PRC ammo currently available on the market. This ammunition is designed for long-range shooting and offers excellent accuracy and terminal performance. We will also provide a list of our top-rated 300 PRC ammo manufacturers so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing this type of ammunition. So, whether you are looking to buy some for yourself or are just curious about what is available, read on for more information.

Best 300 PRC Ammo


Best 300 PRC Ammo Reviews

1# 300 PRC – 225 Grain ELD Match – Hornady

300 PRC - 225 Grain ELD Match - Hornady 

20 Rounds

Searching for some of the best ammunition for competitive shooting and training? Look at Hornady’s 300 PRC – 225 Grain ELD Match. These rounds are perfect for long-range shooting, thanks to the 225-grain ELD bullet which is designed for extreme accuracy. The boxer-primed brass casings are reloadable, making this ammo a great choice for those who like to shoot often. Whether you’re shooting at the range or in the field, you can trust Hornady to deliver exceptional performance.

  • Exceptionally accurate rounds
  • For long-range shooting
  • Boxer-primed brass casings
  • Reloadable
  • 225-grain ELD bullet is designed for extreme accuracy
  • It may corrosive over time
  • Only comes in a 20-round box
  • Not for hunting


2# 300 PRC – 212 Grain ELD-X – Hornady Precision Hunter

300 PRC - 212 Grain ELD-X - Hornady Precision Hunter

20 Rounds

If you need a reliable, high-performance round for hunting notice the Hornady Precision Hunter 300 PRC! This round is designed for ultimate accuracy and terminal performance, making it perfect for taking down big games. The bullets are 212-grain ELD-X, which are extremely precise and offer superior penetration. And with a muzzle velocity of 2860 fps and muzzle energy of 3850 ft-lbs, this round packs a serious punch. So whether you’re looking to take down deer, elk, or wild boar, the Hornady Precision Hunter 300 PRC is a perfect choice.

  • Accurate
  • Penetrates well
  • Hits hard
  • For taking down big games
  • It may be too powerful for small hunting applications
  • The cost per round is slightly higher than other options




What is the best 300 PRC bullet for long-range shooting?

For long-range shooting, the best 300 PRC bullet is one with a high ballistic coefficient (BC). The higher the BC, the better the accuracy and wind resistance.

What bullet does the 300 PRC use?

The 300 PRC uses a .308″ diameter bullet. The most popular 300 PRC bullet weight is between 175-200 grains.

What is the best 300 PRC ammo for long-range shooting?

The 300 PRC was designed for long-range precision shooting. The cartridge is capable of delivering sub-MOA accuracy at extended ranges. The most popular 300 PRC ammunition choices among competitive shooters are factory-loaded match-grade rounds from Hornady. These rounds use high-quality bullets and powders to deliver consistent results at extended ranges.

What is the best 300 PRC ammo for hunting?

The 300 PRC is an excellent choice for hunting medium to large game animals at extended ranges. The most popular choices for hunting 300 PRC ammunition are factory-loaded rounds from Hornady and Federal Premium. These rounds use high-quality bullets that are designed to deliver maximum penetration and expansion.

What is the difference between 300 PRC and 300 Winchester Magnum?

The 300 PRC is a newer cartridge that was designed specifically for long-range precision shooting. The 300 Winchester Magnum is a more versatile cartridge that is popular among hunters and competitive shooters alike. The 300 Win Mag offers more flexibility in bullet weight and powder choices, but it is not as accurate at extended ranges as the 300 PRC.



300 PRC Ammo is a great round for hunting and long-range shooting. 300 PRC ammo is also becoming more popular with law enforcement agencies due to its superior ballistics over the traditional 308 Winchester cartridge. Also, ammunition offers excellent accuracy and terminal performance out to 1000 yards when properly matched to the right rifle. In this article, we have reviewed some of the best 300 PRC ammo on the market today. We hope that our findings will help you choose the right 300 PRC ammo for your next hunting or shooting outing.

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