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Best 375 Win Ammo

What is 375 Win Ammo? 🤔

It is a powerful and widely used rifle cartridge suitable for hunting medium- to large-sized games, such as deer. It offers great accuracy, moderate recoil, and a relatively low cost of ownership compared to other cartridges with similar performance characteristics.

375 Winchester cartridge

Features 💡

The .375 Winchester cartridge was introduced in 1978 by Winchester, primarily for use in their Model 94 Big Bore lever-action rifle. Here are some of the notable features:

  • 🔅 Bullet Weight and Design: One of the defining characteristics is its bullet weight, which typically ranges between 200- and 250-grains. The bullets are often designed with a flat nose or round nose configuration, which helps to ensure reliable feeding in lever-action rifles.
  • 🔅 Velocity and Energy: This cartridge can achieve muzzle velocities of up to 2,200 feet per second (fps) with some loads while delivering muzzle energies of up to 2,400 foot-pounds (ft-lbs).
  • 🔅 Accuracy and Recoil: The .375 Winchester is a relatively accurate cartridge, with many loads capable of delivering sub-MOA (minute of angle) accuracy at 100 yards.
  • 🔅 Field Performance: It has a proven track record in the field, with many hunters using it to take down large games at close and moderate distances.
Our Top Pick
375 Win Ammo
This caliber of ammunition has a long-standing tradition, originally introduced in 1978. The classic black powder cartridge design from the 1880s has been updated to meet modern needs and provide reliable performance whether shooting game or target practice. With its large caliber design, you won’t need to worry about bullet expansion– instead, you can expect deadly wound cavitation without fail. Perfect for brush hunting, this ammo will work best with a rifle chambered for it so that you can capitalize on its unbeatable power every time.
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Benefits 🤩

  • More Power: It packs a powerful punch, with a muzzle energy of up to 2200 feet per second. This makes it ideal for big game hunting, especially in areas where larger calibers are prohibited.
  • Versatility: This ammo is a versatile cartridge that can be used for a range of hunting applications, from deer and elk to bears and moose. It allows hunters to take down the game with a single shot, reducing the risk of unnecessary suffering.
  • Accuracy: It is known for its accuracy, making it a favorite among hunters who require precision when taking long-range shots. With a flat trajectory and good ballistic coefficients, it’s easier to sight-in, aim and shoot with this cartridge.
  • Reliable Expansion: The 375 Win cartridge is designed to expand reliably upon impact, delivering maximum stopping power and preventing over-penetration.

Best 375 Win Ammo

Ballistic Info 📝

The 375 Win cartridge is a powerful intermediate caliber designed for medium and large game hunting.

  • 🔶 It offers improved accuracy and trajectory compared to other popular rifle calibers, as well as increased terminal velocity.

🔰 The 375 Winchester is a centerfire rifle cartridge typically loaded with a .375-inch diameter bullet.

  • 🎯 When fired, this bullet reaches velocities of over 2,900 feet per second, with an effective range of up to 300 yards depending on the type of ammunition used.
  • 🎯 It produces over 4,000 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle, making it an incredibly powerful round for hunting large game like elk or moose.

375 Winchester ballistic

Best 🎯 .375 Win Ammo Reviews

1# 375 Win – 200 Grain Sierra Pro-Hunter JFP – HSM

375 Win - 200 Grain Sierra Pro-Hunter JFP - HSM

20 Rounds

Searching for a top-of-the-line 375 Winchester cartridge that can take down even the biggest game? Look at the HSM’s Game King line of ammunition, featuring the 200-grain Sierra Pro-Hunter projectile. This bullet is designed specifically for the 375 Win caliber and features a flat base with Sierra’s proprietary PowerJacket. This jacket promotes violent expansion within medium to heavy game animals, making it the perfect choice for hunters who want to ensure a clean kill. However, if you do choose to reload with the same projectile, keep the muzzle velocity around 2,200 fps to avoid over-expansion.

  • Violent expansion within small to medium-game animals
  • Tremendous energy delivery upon impact
  • Boxer primed brass casings for handloading
  • May not be the best choice for taking down a very large game


2# 375 Winchester – 200 Grain FN – PCI

375 Winchester - 200 Grain FN - PCI

20 Rounds

The 375 Winchester is a 200-grain FN PCR (Penetration Controlled Rifle) flat-nose ammo. It is a new production by PCI and uses new brass casings and Boxer-primers. The casing is reloadable. The 375 Winchester was created with the brush hunter in mind. The flat-nose bullet is designed for maximum impact while still providing excellent penetration. With its combination of power and accuracy, the 375 Winchester is sure to help you increase your yield this hunting season.

  • Accuracy and reloadable
  • Flat nose bullet for maximum impact
  • Perfect for taking down whitetail deer
  • High energy transfer
  • Pricey


3# 375 Win – 200 gr Power Point – Winchester Super X

375 Win - 200 gr Power Point - Winchester Super X

20 Rounds

The .375 Winchester is a powerful round that is perfect for taking down big games. The 200-grain PowerPoint projectile is designed to do maximum damage, and the exposed lead soft nose style of the bullet ensures that your shots will be lethal. Winchester’s ammunition has been trusted by hunters for generations, and this round is sure to help you take down the trophy of a lifetime. Thanks to its American-made quality, you can be confident that this round will perform flawlessly in your rifle.

Video review

  • Non-corrosive boxer primers
  • Lethal damage to the big game
  • Trusted by hunters for generations
  • Great for reloading after using the factory load
  • May not be available in your area


How make 375 Winchester brass from 30-30? 🧑‍🔧

Making 375 Winchester brass from 30-30 is a relatively simple process that can be done with the right supplies and tools.

🛠️ You will need a .30-30 brass trimmer, a set of calipers, and some basic reloading equipment such as dies and primers.

  • ➡️ To begin, you must first trim your .30-30 brass to a length of 2.619 inches (66.5mm). This can be done by using the brass trimmer, which should have instructions on how to use it properly.
  • ➡️ Once trimmed, you must now neck expand your case by running it through a sizing die designed for 375 Win caliber.
  • ➡️  Once sized, feed the cases into your reloading press and use an expander ball to open up the necks to accept the 375 Winchester bullets.
  • ➡️ Finally, prime the cases using a standard reloading primer and you are ready to begin loading your rounds of 375 Win ammo!


Is 375 Winchester the same as .375 H&H?

🤨 No, they are not the same.

🔷 The .375 Winchester is a more recent cartridge than the .375 H&H.

What is a 375 caliber used for?

💡 A 375 caliber is most often used in big-game hunting and is considered a powerful round.

🎯 It can take down animals such as deer, elk, and moose with ease.

What are the downsides of this ammo?

🤔 The main downside of 375 Win Ammo is the cost.

💵 375 Win Ammo is more expensive than other types of ammunition, so you will need to factor that into your budget.

What should I look for when purchasing it?
  • ➡️ When purchasing 375 Win Ammo, you should look for a reputable brand that offers high-quality ammunition.
  • ➡️ You should also consider the type of ammo you need and the price.
Is 375 more powerful than 30-06?

🙂 The 375 Win is a versatile cartridge that offers plenty of power, but it doesn’t quite match the performance of the 30-06.

  • 🔷 The 375 Win is capable of launching bullets at velocities up to 3200 feet per second (fps) with energy levels close to 4500 foot-pounds force (ft-lbs).
  • 🔷 Comparatively, the 30-06 has muzzle velocities up to 3300 fps and energy levels over 5000 ft-lbs.

🛟 This makes the 30-06 slightly more powerful than the 375 Win, however, this slight difference in performance can be negligible depending on your intended use.


375 Win ammo is a powerful round that’s perfect for hunting big game. In this article, we’ve reviewed some of the best ammo on the market to help you make an informed decision about which product is right for you. We’ve also included some tips on how to use it effectively to maximize your chances of success while hunting. Good shopping! 🛒🤠

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Sebastian Green
Sebastian Green
7 days ago

I have a Win 94 BB rifle that is chambered in 375 Win, but due to the current shortage of 375 Win ammunition, I am wondering whether it’s safe to use 38-55 ammo instead. Can anyone provide insight on this matter?

Reply to  Sebastian Green
7 days ago

I highly recommend sticking to factory-caliber ammunition for your rifle. Unfortunately, the 375 Win caliber has become scarce, but I believe some gun magazines hyped up the caliber, portraying it as a powerful and impressive hunting cartridge.

Harley Berry
Harley Berry
Reply to  Sebastian Green
7 days ago

The development of the .357 Magnum from the N frame .38/44 is well known, where the latter was essentially a high-pressure .38 Special that was elongated to prevent it from fitting in weaker revolvers meant for the standard pressure .38 Special. However, the development of the .375 Win by Winchester did not follow a similar approach.

7 days ago

I would appreciate everyone’s thoughts on the .375 Winchester cartridge. My son recently gifted me a Ruger #3 rifle chambered in this cartridge, with the original plan being to barrel it to .357 Maximum. However, due to financial constraints, I am now considering leaving it in .375 but have no experience with this cartridge. Unfortunately, my loading manuals don’t offer many options for this caliber.

Finlay Campbell
Finlay Campbell
Reply to  Wilfred
7 days ago

In my opinion, I would leave Ruger #3 as-is in .375 Winchester. While the plan to barrel to .357 Maximum sounds enticing, the .375 Win is a great cartridge with a larger diameter and heavier bullet. Cast bullets would be a great option for this cartridge. As for the No. 3, it would be the lightest I would want to go for a .375, and I would probably shoot it at 38-55 pressures/velocities. I had a similar situation with a No. 3 in .223 and couldn’t decide whether to barrel it to a 6.5×55 or 257 Roberts, but it shot so well as a .223 that I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Overall, having a .375 is pretty cool!

Reply to  Wilfred
7 days ago

In my opinion, leaving the Ruger #3 as a .375 Win is a good option, especially if you reload. The cartridge is quite capable of hunting in wooded areas. Lyman manuals offer several loads for the .375 Win, although the selection of jacketed bullets is limited. However, several good cast bullet options would work well with the cartridge. The .375 Win is a great cartridge that was introduced at the wrong time. I regret not buying a Winchester 94 Big Bore when they were cheaper.

Nash Smith
Nash Smith
Reply to  Wilfred
7 days ago

The .375 Winchester cartridge is a modern version of the old 38-55, with shorter cases and higher pressure loads with lighter bullets. The typical rifling twist in a 38-55 was designed for black powder use and could range from 1-16″ to 1-20″, but the .375 Win uses a 1-12″ twist. Cases can be formed from 30-30 or 32 Spl cases blown out straight, or by trimming 38-55 cases to the correct length. For loading, Lyman 375449 bullets (280gr w/GC) are recommended with powders like Reloader 7, AA2015, H322, and AA2200.

7 days ago

I’ve been having a blast playing around with lever-action rifles for the past few years. My collection includes two old Marlin 30-30s, two Marlin 35 Remingtons, a Miruko model 71 348, and a new Marlin (Ruger) 1895SBL. I have two of the 30-30s and 35 Remingtons because of the difference in barrel length. Reloading for these rifles has been a fun experience, and I have AA5744 and Trail Boss powders for when my wife wants to join in on the fun. While I’ve mostly shot bolt actions throughout my life, trying out lever actions and Ruger #1s has been a refreshing change. I’m planning on expanding my collection by purchasing a couple more lever action rifles. I was initially searching for an older Marlin 45-70, but I kept coming across clean pre-safety bar 444s and 375s. I’m interested in hearing about other people’s experiences with the 375 cartridges and would appreciate any opinions or thoughts on the matter.

Jackson Martinez
Jackson Martinez
Reply to  Theodkev
7 days ago

I came across an article recently, although I can’t recall where that made a compelling argument in favor of the .38-55 cartridge when loaded correctly. According to the article, the .38-55 performs similarly to the .375 cartridge and doesn’t give up much in terms of power or effectiveness.