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In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the best 22 Hornet ammo on the market today. We’ll also discuss some of the key factors you should consider when purchasing ammo for your 22 Hornet rifle. So, whether you’re looking for plinking rounds or something more specialized, read on to learn more about the top-rated 22 Hornet ammo available today.

Best 22 Hornet Ammo

AmmoCave has collected the best hottest Best .22 Hornet Ammo for self-defense at sale prices

Our Selection 11 Best .22 Hornet Ammo – Editor’s Choice

1# 22 Hornet – 35 Grain Polymer Tip – Winchester Varmint-X

22 Hornet - 35 Grain Polymer Tip - Winchester Varmint-X

20 Rounds

When you are looking for a versatile, high-speed varmint round, the 22 Hornet is a perfect choice. With Winchester Varmint-X ammunition, you will get superior performance and energy compared to other popular varmint rounds. The 22 Hornet was released to the public in 1930 and is still one of the best varmint rounds on the market today. It is perfect for pest control of all types of small and medium animals. Winchester has been a trusted name in ammunition for over 150 years. Their ammunition is loaded with only the highest quality components right here in the USA. Choose Winchester Varmint-X ammunition for your next pest control project and rest assured that you are getting the best possible performance out of your firearm.

  • Low recoil
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Reliable
  • Good terminal performance
  • Higher price
  • Lower velocity
  • Limited availability

#2 22 Hornet – 35 Grain V-MAX – Hornady

22 Hornet - 35 Grain V-MAX - Hornady

25 Rounds

Hornady’s new Varmint Express line of rifle ammunition is exactly what you need for high-quality, accurate performance. The bullets are corrosion-resistant and have excellent impact performance, forming deep wounds that immobilize the target. They also work well in all temperature conditions. The cannelured design of the bullets prevents common problems. With Hornady ammo, you can be confident that you’re getting dependable, consistent performance every time.

Video review

  • Highly accurate
  • Forms deep penetrations on impact
  • Works well in all temperatures
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Consistent performance
  • High price
  • Can be difficult to find on the market

#3 22 Hornet – 45 Grain Jacketed Soft Point – Winchester

22 Hornet - 45 Grain Jacketed Soft Point - Winchester

50 Rounds

The Winchester 22 Hornet is one of the most trusted and dependable varmint rounds on the market. With a lead core designed for maximum fragmentation, a soft point for rapid explosive expansion, and a thin wall jacket for reduced engraving forces, this round is perfect for taking down those pesky varmints. Whether you’re plinking at the range or hunting in the field, the Winchester 22 Hornet is sure to provide outstanding performance and accuracy. So don’t let the varmints get the upper hand, pick up a box of Winchester 22 Hornet today.

Video review

  • Time-proven dependability
  • Legendary excellence
  • Maximum fragmentation
  • Rapid explosive expansion
  • Thin wall jacket
  • May not be as reliable as other rounds
  • May not penetrate enough

#4 22 Hornet – 45 Grain Pointed Soft Point – Remington

22 Hornet - 45 Grain Pointed Soft Point - Remington

50 Rounds

Looking for a reliable .22 Hornet Ammo? Look no further than Remington High-Performance Rifle Ammunition. This .22 Hornet Ammo is constructed with reloadable brass cases and dependable primers that ensure you’re getting consistent performance out of your rifle. And you don’t need to worry about wasted bullets either. Remington’s proprietary Power-Lok technology ensures that you get optimum speed, accuracy, and power with every shot. This is why more shooting sportsmen trust Remington High-Performance Rifle Ammunition than any other. Put this .22 Hornet Ammo to the test and bring home a haul of birds, varmint, and other small game.

Video review

  • Reloadable brass cases
  • Dependable primers
  • Consistent performance
  • Proprietary Power-Lok technology
  • Optimum accuracy and power
  • Lack of expansion
  • Lower muzzle velocity

#5 22 Hornet – 46 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point – Winchester

22 Hornet - 46 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point - Winchester

50 Rounds

Looking for an affordable, accurate, and reliable option for varmint and predator hunting? Winchester’s 22 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point ammo is perfect for you! With a rearward weight design that enhances accuracy, these jacketed hollow points will deliver a forceful expansion on impact. Founded in 1866, Winchester is one of the most trusted and respected ammunition brands in the US. With many of their products used by the US military, you can be confident that this ammo will deliver precision with every shot. Don’t hesitate to purchase this affordable ammo for your hunting needs! This 50-round box is non-corrosive, reloadable, and boxer-primed.

Video review

  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Non-corrosive
  • Forceful expansion on impact
  • May not be as accurate as other brands
  • Can be difficult to find

#6 22 Hornet – 35 Grain Tipped Varmint – Federal Premium

22 Hornet - 35 Grain Tipped Varmint - Federal Premium

50 Rounds

The Federal Premium American Eagle .22 Hornet 35gr Tipped Varmint Rifle Ammo is the perfect choice for those looking for a tipped varmint round. These rounds are reloadable and made with high-quality brass cases and reliable primers, making them a cost-effective option. The bullets are consistent and accurate, providing you with the same level of performance regardless of the conditions. This ammo is easy to load and provides you with superior accuracy when hunting varmints. When you combine the ease of use with the deadly precision of the American Eagle brand, you get a dangerous combination that will help you dispatch those pesky varmints for good. Purchase your ammunition today and enjoy the savings!

  • Explosive expansion on impact
  • Highly reloadable
  • Consistent primers
  • Reliable feeding and function
  • Bulk packs reduce in-the-field waste
  • May not be as accurate as some users would like
  • Tend to be a bit more expensive than other rounds

#7 22 Hornet – 35 Grain Polymer Tip Brass Cased – Browning

22 Hornet - 35 Grain Polymer Tip Brass Cased - Browning

20 Rounds

The Browning BXV 22 Hornet 35 gr Polymer Tip ammo is designed to provide hunters with the perfect round for taking down predators and varmints. The polymer tip helps to improve the ballistic coefficient, resulting in better trajectory and downrange velocity. With its flat trajectory and high downrange velocity, this round is sure to take down even the most elusive prey.

  • Improved ballistic coefficient
  • Flat trajectory
  • High downrange velocity
  • Polymer tip can cause damage to rifling
  • Lower accuracy

#8 22 Hornet – 35 Grain Rapid Expansion Polymer Tip – Winchester

22 Hornet - 35 Grain Rapid Expansion Polymer Tip - Winchester

20 Rounds

Winchester’s Varmint X line of ammunition is specifically designed for taking down small, quick-moving targets. The 22 Hornet cartridge is loaded with a sleek polymer-tipped bullet that is designed to fragment upon impact, creating a large wound channel. The lead core and alloy jacket make this ammunition ideal for rapid expansion and maximum damage. Keep in mind that this ammunition is not designed for live animals, so use it with caution if you’re planning on hunting with it. The .22 Hornet is a very fast-moving target, so you’ll need to be quick and precise if you want to take one down. With Varmint X ammunition, you can be confident that you have the power and accuracy you need to take down your prey.

Video review

  • Polymer-tipped bullet for rapid fragmentation
  • Alloy jacket and lead core
  • Long-range performance
  • Rapid explosive fragmentation
  • Over penetration
  • May cause ricochet or other hazards

#9 22 Hornet – 30 Grain Speer TNT Green Hollow Point – Federal Premium

22 Hornet - 30 Grain Speer TNT Green Hollow Point - Federal Premium

50 Rounds

Precision engineering and industry-leading quality combine to make Federal Premium V-SHOK® 22 Hornet 30gr Speer TNT Green HP Centerfire Rifle Ammunition. This exciting and innovative projectile features a metal-wrapped, hollow-point design that provides better penetration and deadly performance shot after shot. It’s the ultimate round for varmint and predator shooting, as well as hunting, feeding and self-defence. The Speer TNT Green HP Bullet is a super-charged, lead-free tipped bullet that expands reliably at even the highest velocities. It’s the only tipped bullet that provides both explosive expansion and superior terminal performance for a wide range of varmint and predator sizes.

  • Superior penetration
  • Deadly performance
  • Explosive expansion
  • Consistent reliability and feeding
  • May not be as reliable as other brands
  • May not provide the best penetration

#10 22 Hornet – 35 Grain AccuTip-V – Remington

22 Hornet - 35 Grain AccuTip-V - Remington

50 Rounds

If you’re looking for unrivalled accuracy and terminal performance in a varmint bullet, look no further than the Remington AccuTip-V. This precision-crafted bullet is designed for match-grade accuracy, flat trajectory, and explosive terminal energy. The polymer tip and lead core are optimized for superior on-game performance, and the thin jacket ensures maximum expansion and fragmentation upon impact. With thousands of rounds in development, the AccuTip-V is the clear choice for serious hunters who demand the very best.

  • Excellent accuracy
  • Smoother trajectory
  • Crushing final energy
  • Optimized for match-grade accuracy
  • Varmint Accuracy
  • May not be as destructive in the hunt as other 22 Hornet cartridges
  • May not penetrate as deeply as other tips

#11 22 Hornet – 35 Grain Flat Base Tipped Brass Cased – Nosler

22 Hornet - 35 Grain Flat Base Tipped Brass Cased - Nosler

20 Rounds

Looking for outstanding ammunition performance specifically for varmints? Look no further than Nosler Varmageddon Centerfire Rifle Ammunition. It includes a highly accurate polymer hollow point or tip, combined with the flat base design for exceptional accuracy. Nosler engineered this ammo for those who shoot varmints in high volumes and require pinpoint precision. Each round features Nosler brass and offers a high-performance marriage of bullet and powder. As expected from Nosler ammunition, each round is perfect – visually inspected and precise measurements are taken, including the length of the case and weight of the powder charge. Outstanding accuracy, consistent performance, and superior quality – that’s what you can expect from Nosler Varmageddon Centerfire Rifle Ammunition.

Video review

  • Flat base for increased accuracy
  • Reliable Nosler brass
  • Precise measurements
  • Consistent performance
  • High price
  • Some shooters complain about the quality


How far can a 22 Hornet shoot accurately?

The 22 Hornet can shoot accurately up to about 200 yards.

What ammo does a 22 Hornet use?

22 Hornet ammo uses 22 Hornet rounds. 22 Hornet rounds are a type of ammunition that is used in 22 Hornet firearms.

Is 22 Hornet ammo still made?

22 Hornet ammo is still made and available on the market. It is a great choice for hunting small game or varmints. 22 Hornet ammo offers good accuracy and terminal performance, making it a popular choice for shooters.

Is .22 Hornet a good round?

Yes, the .22 Hornet is a good round for hunting small game and predators. It has excellent accuracy and energy retention, making it more than capable of taking down small game at extended ranges. Additionally, the .22 Hornet produces very little recoil, making it an ideal choice for beginner shooters.

Can 22 Hornet be reloaded?

22 Hornet cannot be reloaded. 22 Hornet is a cartridge that was originally developed by J.E. Smith of Union Metallic Cartridge Company. It is a varmint and small-game cartridge that has seen resurgence in recent years as shooters have discovered its capabilities. 22 Hornet can be fired from rifles, pistols, and even single-shot shotguns. With muzzle velocities up to 3,000 fps and an effective range of 200 yards, it’s no wonder that this old cartridge is making a comeback!

How many grains of powder are in a 22 Hornet?

There are approximately 25 grains of powder in a 22 Hornet cartridge.


22 Hornet Ammo is a great choice for varmint hunting and pest control. It offers good accuracy and penetration at moderate range, making it an excellent choice for small game. In this article, we’ve shared top 22 Hornet ammo picks based on performance and price. We hope you find the perfect round for your next hunt!

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