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The popularity of the 7-30 Waters cartridge has surged in recent years, as shooters have discovered its excellent ballistics and mild recoil. But what are the best 7-30 Waters ammo options on the market today? In this article, we’ll take a look at the top-rated ammo choices for your rifle. Whether you’re looking for lead rounds or hunting ammunition, we’ve got you covered. So read on to find out more about the best 7-30 Waters ammo options available today.

Best 7-30 Waters Ammo

Our Selection Best 7-30 Waters 200 Grain MonoFlex – Editor’s Choice

7-30 Waters – 200 Grain MonoFlex – Hornady

Hornady Handgun Hunter 7-30 Waters 9153 Caliber


Caliber: 7-30 Waters

Number of Rounds: 20

Bullet Type: MonoFlex Flex Tip (FT)

Bullet Weight: 200 grain

Cartridge Case Material: Brass

Muzzle Velocity: 2150 ft/s

Package Type: Box

Application: Large Game, Medium Game

Primer Location: Centerfire

Sectional Density: 0.14

Muzzle Energy: 2053 ft-lbs

G1 Ballistic Coefficient: 0.166

20 Rounds

When you’re hunting big game with a .30 caliber handgun, you need ammunition that can handle the task. The 7-30 Waters cartridge is one of the most popular center fire handgun rounds for a reason – it’s incredibly effective against the large game. This high-volume, specialty load is designed to take down everything from the largest whitetail deer to the smallest mallard duck, and it delivers knockdown power at a range of velocities. The MonoFlex handgun bullet is one of the toughest and most reliable high-volume bullets on the market, with a copper alloy core that penetrates deeply and retains 95% of its weight for maximum impact. If you’re looking for accurate, consistent, and dependable handgun ammo, Hornady MonoFlex is the way to go.

  • Deep penetration
  • Maximum impact
  • 95% weight retention
  • Rugged, reliable and consistent
  • Accurate and dependable
  • Versatile load for all types of hunting
  • Some may find the 7-30 Waters cartridge to be too much gun for smaller game animals
  • The MonoFlex bullet is not designed for long-range shooting



What is 7-30 Waters Ammo?

7-30 Waters Ammo is a rifle cartridge that was developed in the early 1990s. It is a popular hunting cartridge for deer, elk, and hogs. It is also used in competition shooting.

How does 7-30 Waters Ammo work?

7-30 Waters ammo has quickly become a popular choice among hunters due to its flat trajectory and ability to penetrate dense brush. 7-30 Waters ammo also delivers good accuracy and energy at moderate ranges, making it an excellent choice for hunters.

What are the benefits of a 7-30 Waters Ammo?

7-30 Waters Ammo is a powerful cartridge that can take down medium to large-sized games with ease.

7-30 Waters Ammo is capable of delivering superior accuracy and devastating power.

7-30 Waters Ammo is perfect for hunting deer, elk, and other big games.

What are the best 7-30 Waters Ammo brands?

The best 7-30 Waters Ammo brands are Federal, Hornady, and Barnes.

What is the price range for 7-30 Waters Ammo?

The price range for 7-30 Waters Ammo can vary depending on the type of ammo you are looking for. Heavier rounds tend to be more expensive than lighter rounds.

Where can I buy 7-30 Waters Ammo?

The best place to buy 7-30 Waters ammo is usually at a gun shop or sporting goods store. However, you can also order 7-30 Waters ammo online from various retailers.



7-30 Waters ammo is a great choice for hunting medium to large games. It offers good stopping power and accuracy, making it a popular choice for hunters. In this article, we’ve talked about 7-30 Waters ammo that we believe to be the best on the market and answered some of the most common questions about this caliber. We hope you find this information helpful in your search for the perfect round to take with you into the field.


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