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458 SOCOM ammo is a niche round used by a limited number of shooters. But for those who need the ultimate in-stopping power, it’s hard to beat. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best 458 SOCOM ammo on the market, and we’ll also offer some tips on how to make the most of this powerful cartridge.

Best 458 SOCOM Ammo

Best 458 SOCOM Ammo Reviews

1# 458 SOCOM – 300 Grain JHP – PCI Ammo

458 SOCOM - 300 Grain JHP - PCI Ammo

20 Rounds

With these new, budget-priced loads from Precision Cartridge Inc. (PCI), you can take down hogs and deer with ease. As a full-fledged .458 SOCOM round, this cartridge profile features a heavy 300-grain, jacketed hollowpoint (JHP) projectile. It provides manageable recoil while ensuring deep penetration into the target.

Upon impact, the JHP bullet is designed to expand in a mushroom-like fashion. This explosive transformation creates a more effective wound cavity and slows the projectile so that it transfers its momentum to the threat’s vital organs instead of passing through the body. With 20 rounds per box, you’ll have plenty of ammunition for your next hunting trip or to keep on hand for home defense.

  • Heavy 300-grain projectile
  • Mushroom-like bullet expansion on impact
  • Deep penetration into the target
  • Suitable for taking down hogs and deer
  • Boxer-primed brass
  • May not be effective against armored targets
  • More recoil than some other rounds



What is the 458 SOCOM good for?

The 458 SOCOM is a great choice for hunters who want to take down large game, as well as for those who want to use it for self-defense. This round packs a serious punch and is capable of taking down even the largest animals. It is also a good choice for those who are looking for an alternative to the traditional 5.56/.223 round.

How many 458 SOCOM rounds fit in a mag?

The 458 SOCOM has a magazine capacity of 5 rounds.

How far can a 458 SOCOM shoot?

With the right 458 SOCOM ammo, you can shoot accurately at long-range targets. The average 458 SOCOM has a muzzle velocity of about 2300 feet per second. That is pretty fast!

If you are shooting at a large target, like a deer, then you could probably hit it from up to 500 yards away. If you are shooting at a smaller target, like a squirrel, then you could probably hit it from up to 250 yards away.

What are the benefits of 458 SOCOM?

The 458 SOCOM offers many benefits over the 5.56mm NATO. First and foremost, it has much greater stopping power thanks to its larger bullet diameter. It also has a significantly higher muzzle velocity, which means that it can penetrate barriers more effectively. Additionally, the 458 SOCOM has less recoil than the 5.56mm NATO, making it more pleasant to shoot.

Can you put a 458 SOCOM upper on 556 lower?

No, 458 SOCOM uppers will not fit on 556 lowers. The 458 SOCOM round is significantly larger in diameter than the 556 round, so the upper receiver must be specifically designed for 458 SOCOM ammunition.

How accurate is a 458 SOCOM?

The 458 SOCOM is a very accurate round. It is often compared to the .308 Winchester in terms of accuracy. The 458 SOCOM has a much flatter trajectory than the .308 Winchester, making it easier to hit targets at long range.

How loud is a 458 SOCOM?

The 458 SOCOM is a high-powered round that is known for being very loud. It is not recommended to shoot this round without ear protection.



458 SOCOM ammo is one of the most powerful rounds on the market. It’s a great choice for hunting large game or self-defense. In this article, we’ve highlighted some of the best 458 SOCOM ammo available and shared tips on how to choose the right round for your needs. We hope you found this information helpful!

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