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Best 458 SOCOM Ammo

What is 458 SOCOM Ammo? 🔍

🚀 458 SOCOM ammo is a type of rifle ammunition designed for use in firearms chambered for the .458 SOCOM (Special Operations Command) cartridge.

The .458 SOCOM cartridge was developed in the early 2000s by a team led by Marty ter Weeme, a US Army veteran and owner of Teppo Jutsu LLC, 💁‍♂️ in response to the need for a more powerful and versatile cartridge for use in the M4/M16 platform.

458 SOCOM Ammo


🔰 High stopping power 🔰 Easy to use
🔰 Versatile 🔰 Short-range performance
🔰 Improved accuracy 🔰 Increased damage
Our Top Pick
458 SOCOM – 300 Grain JHP – PCI Ammo
Precision Cartridge Inc. (PCI) offers budget-friendly rounds that can efficiently take down wild hogs and deer alike. This full-fledged .458 SOCOM cartridge is equipped with a heavy 300-grain jacketed hollowpoint (JHP) projectile to ensure success on every hunt!
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Benefits 💣

⚫️ The 458 SOCOM round is designed to deliver a heavy and powerful bullet ⇢ that can stop an attacker or game animal with a single shot.
⚪️ The cartridge is ideal for hunting, self-defense, and target shooting ⇢ making it a versatile round for a range of activities.
⚫️ It is more accurate than many other big-bore rounds ⇢ which means it can hit targets at greater distances with greater precision.
⚪️ The round is designed for use in AR-15 rifles ⇢ which are easy to use and widely available.
⚫️ The 458 SOCOM is ideal for use at relatively short ranges ⇢ making it perfect for hunting in dense woods or self-defense situations.
⚪️ The heavy bullet of the round is designed to cause significant damage to the target ⇢ increasing the likelihood of a quick and humane kill.

Types of 458 SOCOM Ammo👁‍🗨

💁🏾‍♂️ Here are some common types:

  • 🔘 Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) 

⇢ basic target rounds that are designed to penetrate and pass through the target. ▫️ They are typically the cheapest type of ammunition and are often used for practice shooting.

  • 🔘 Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) 

⇢ have a hollowed-out center that expands on impact, causing more damage to the target. ▫️ They are often used for hunting or self-defense situations.

  • 🔘 Solid Copper 

⇢ made entirely of copper, making them more environmentally friendly than lead-based rounds. ▫️ They also tend to have better accuracy and more consistent penetration.

  • 🔘 Frangible 

⇢ designed to break apart on impact, reducing the risk of ricochets and making them ideal for shooting at steel targets.

  • 🔘 Subsonic 

⇢ designed to be fired at a lower velocity, making them quieter than standard rounds. ▫️ They are often used for hunting or tactical situations where noise is a concern.

458 SOCOM Ammo

Best 🎯 458 SOCOM Ammo Reviews

1# 458 SOCOM – 300 Grain JHP – PCI Ammo

458 SOCOM - 300 Grain JHP - PCI Ammo

20 Rounds

With these new, budget-priced loads from Precision Cartridge Inc. (PCI), you can take down hogs and deer with ease. As a full-fledged .458 SOCOM round, this cartridge profile features a heavy 300-grain, jacketed hollowpoint (JHP) projectile. It provides manageable recoil while ensuring deep penetration into the target.

Upon impact, the JHP bullet is designed to expand in a mushroom-like fashion. This explosive transformation creates a more effective wound cavity and slows the projectile so that it transfers its momentum to the threat’s vital organs instead of passing through the body. With 20 rounds per box, you’ll have plenty of ammunition for your next hunting trip or to keep on hand for home defense.

Video review

  • Heavy 300-grain projectile
  • Mushroom-like bullet expansion on impact
  • Deep penetration into the target
  • Suitable for taking down hogs and deer
  • Boxer-primed brass
  • May not be effective against armored targets
  • More recoil than some other rounds

450 Bushmasters vs. .458 SOCOM 👀

450 Bushmaster and .458 SOCOM are both big-bore cartridges designed for hunting and tactical applications. Here are the differences between the two:

  • 🔸 Cartridge Size
450 Bushmaster uses a .452″ diameter bullet .458 SOCOM uses a .458″ diameter bullet
  • 🔸 Cartridge Length
450 Bushmaster has a cartridge length of 1.7 inches .458 SOCOM has a cartridge length of 1.575 inches
  • 🔸 Case Capacity
.458 SOCOM has a larger case capacity than the 450 Bushmasters. This means that it can hold more powder and produce higher velocities.
  • 🔸 Velocity and Energy
.458 SOCOM has a higher velocity and energy than the 450 Bushmaster due to its larger case capacity. However, the 450 Bushmaster still has a significant amount of stopping power and is popular among hunters.

🎥 Watch the video to see their performance:

🔔 Both cartridges are powerful and effective for hunting and tactical applications, but the .458 SOCOM is slightly larger and more powerful than the 450 Bushmaster. 📢 However, the 450 Bushmaster is more widely available and legal for hunting in more states.


What is the 458 SOCOM good for?
This is a great choice for hunters who want to take down large game 🐻, as well as for those who want to use it for self-defense ⚡️. This round packs a serious punch and is capable of taking down even the largest animals.

✅ The cartridge is also a good choice for those who are looking for an alternative to the traditional 5.56/.223 round.

How many 458 SOCOM rounds fit in a mag?
🔲 It has a magazine capacity of 5️⃣ rounds.
How far can a 458 SOCOM shoot?
✅ With the right ammo, you can shoot accurately at long-range targets. The average 458 SOCOM has a muzzle velocity of about 2300 feet per second. That is pretty fast!

  • 🦌 If you are shooting at a large target, like a deer, then you could probably hit it from up to 5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ yards away.
  • 🐿 If you are shooting at a smaller target, like a squirrel, then you could probably hit it from up to 2️⃣5️⃣0️⃣ yards away

Can you put a 458 SOCOM upper on 556 lower?
❌ No, it will not fit. ➔ The 458 SOCOM round is significantly larger in diameter than the 556 round📏, so the upper receiver must be specifically designed for its ammunition.

How accurate is a 458 SOCOM?
💣 It is a very accurate round.

🔃It is often compared to the .308 Winchester in terms of accuracy. The cartridge has a much flatter trajectory than the .308 Winchester, making it easier to hit targets at long range.🎯

How loud is a 458 SOCOM?
🙉 It is a high-powered round that is known for being very loud. 🛑It is not recommended to shoot this round without ear protection.

Conclusion ⏰

458 SOCOM ammo is one of the most powerful rounds on the market. It’s a great choice for hunting large game or self-defense. In this article, we’ve highlighted some of the best options available and shared tips on how to choose the right round for your needs. Hope you found this information helpful! 😉

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2 months ago

I used a lot of types of .458 and from different manufacturers. Works very well.

2 months ago

What’s the best inexpensive 300g brand/price?

Reply to  Sanise000
2 months ago

You can hand load Berry’s 300grn for about $0.50 per round. 

2 months ago

I am a reloading enthusiast and I have encountered a problem that I need help with. I constructed a Tromix 458 SOCOM upper and purchased Black Butterfly ammunition. After a year of reloading, I have acquired all the necessary components to reload my ammunition, including Starline brass, Berrys 350gr bullets, SBR Socom powder, and Winchester primers. I also obtained a Tromix case gauge. The problem I’m experiencing is that my rounds, including the dummy round, fit perfectly into the case gauge and can be removed with ease. However, when I attempt to chamber one of my reloaded rounds, it becomes stuck and requires me to forcefully eject it by hitting the stock of the rifle on the ground. The Black Butterfly ammo chambers and ejects without any difficulty. I am using Redding dies and an RCBS Rockchucker press.

Uncle Charlie
Uncle Charlie
Reply to  remington999
2 months ago

Retrieve your calipers and commence measuring the different diameters and lengths of your reloaded rounds. Then, compare these measurements to those of the factory rounds.

Reply to  remington999
2 months ago

Exactly. The solution to your problem can be found by simply taking the time to measure and compare your reloaded rounds to the factory rounds.

Gr8 Beyond
Gr8 Beyond
2 months ago

Recently switched to shooting 458 socom from PCI and I have to say, it’s been a game-changer for me. The recoil is surprisingly manageable, and the accuracy is phenomenal. I’m hitting targets at distances I never thought possible before.

2 months ago

I was hesitant to try this because of the price, but after giving it a shot, I can confidently say it’s worth every penny. The stopping power is impressive

2 months ago

Hey, guys. does this ammo penetrate body armor?

2 months ago

using it 300gr for hunting for a while now, and it’s been incredibly effective. perfect for taking down big game

Zahar Bertyn
Zahar Bertyn
2 months ago

I’ve been shooting for years, and I have to say, 458 socom is one of the most enjoyable rounds I’ve ever used. The recoil is just enough to make it feel powerful without being overwhelming, and the accuracy is consistent and reliable. It’s become my go-to round for range days.