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Our Selection 6 Best 1911 Barrel

Wilson Combat Match Grade Full-Fit BarrelWilson Combat Match Grade Full-Fit BarrelWilson CombatBUY
Fusion Firearms UMG BarrelsFusion Firearms UMG BarrelsFusion FirearmsBUY
Ed Brown Products Drop-In 1911 Pistol BarrelEd Brown Products Drop-In 1911 Pistol BarrelEd Brown ProductsBUY
Sig Sauer Barrel BBL-1911-357-CARRYSig Sauer Barrel BBL-1911-357-CARRYSig SauerBUY
Iver Johnson Arms Barrel 1911 191145TBBLIver Johnson Arms Barrel 1911 191145TBBLIver Johnson ArmsBUY
Ed Brown Products Suppressor-Ready 1911 Pistol BarrelEd Brown Products Suppressor-Ready 1911 Pistol BarrelEd Brown ProductsBUY
Evolution Gun Works 1911 Barrel Block 70210Evolution Gun Works 1911 Barrel Block 70210Evolution Gun WorksBUY
Ed Brown Products 1911 Barrel Link 925Ed Brown Products 1911 Barrel Link 925Ed Brown ProductsBUY
Alien Gear Holsters Grip Tuck 1911 HolsterAlien Gear Holsters Grip Tuck 1911 HolsterAlien Gear HolstersBUY

Modern computer-machined barrels with tough tolerances allow enhancing the pistol’s potential accuracy and general performance. 1911 ramped barrels due to a built-in feed ramp have much easier caliber conversions for a frame. Match grade 1911 barrels and bushings are fully machined from premium-grade 416 stainless steel. Such barrels feature the chamber and bore of tighter tolerances.

Why do we need 1911 barrel?

1911 is popular due to its slim slide (about 0.9 in for many models). This gun is convenient to carry, either as a concealed carry or a packing gun for the out of doors. Match grade 1911 barrels are great for fitting due to the extra material in the areas where the barrel mates to the slide, allowing the gunsmith to remove just enough material to make a super tight lockup.

Best Pick

Wilson Combat Match Grade Full-Fit Barrel for Glock

Wilson Combat Match Grade Full-Fit Barrel

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The barrels come with a polished feed ramp, twist conventional broach rifling, ideally smooth and concentric supported chamber with bore; manufactured with precious tolerances (less than .0005 in).

#1 Wilson Combat Match Grade Full-Fit Barrel for Glock, 4 models

Wilson Combat Match Grade Full-Fit Barrel

View on Opticsplanet


Caliber: 9mm Luger
Gun Make: Glock

Wilson Match-Grade barrel features a polished feed ramp, ideally smooth and concentric supported chamber with the bore. The barrel is completely machined from Stainless Steel (416R) and heat-treated with precious manufacturing tolerances (less than .0005 in). ​The Wilson Combat designed the barrel with twist conventional broach rifling (1 in 16 inches), allowing it to accept plated, lead, or jacketed bullets without risk of pressure spikes caused by polygonal rifling.

  • After successful Final Inspection, The Wilson Name is put on the hood

  • Excellent accuracy: 2 inches or less at 25 yards with quality ammunition

  • Superb fit in all guns due to the fully oversized critical Lock-Up Contact Areas

  • Super-tight lock up, which is important for match-grade barrels

  • None yet

#2 Fusion Firearms UMG Barrels, 6 Inch, 51 models

Fusion Firearms UMG Barrels

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Caliber: 9mm Luger
Barrel Length: 6 in

The Fusion Firearms engineered Ultra Match Grade (UMG) Barrels with 1-10 in twist rate, Standard Barrel Nose, Wilson/Nowlin Feed Ramp. These 1911 Match Pistol barrels are milled from Stainless Steel (416R Rifle Grade).

  • Wide range of models to choose from;

  • Durable material

  • Not Yet Rated

#3 Ed Brown Products Drop-In 1911 Pistol Barrel, 6 models

Ed Brown Products Drop-In 1911 Pistol Barrel

View on Opticsplanet


Caliber: 9mm Luger; .45 ACP; .38 Super
Gun Model: Colt 1911 Government; 1911 Commander
Barrel Length: 5 in; 4.25 in

These universal, drop-in barrels are compatible with most 1911’s pistols; minor fitting may be needed for some models. Most barrels are equipped with the standard feed ramps, except the 38 Super barrels, which are outfitted with completely supported feed ramps.

The barrels with 1-16 Barrel Twist are crafted from stainless steel bar stock (certified T-416) like a bench rest rifle barrel, and modern CNC machined. The Bushing with drop-in tolerances, link, and link pin comes with all barrels. If you are going to change calibers, it’s necessary to use a different recoil spring or magazine, as well as adjustable sights as the impact point may alter.

  • Some barrels are interchangeable in the same slide/gun

  • The deep cut, broached rifling with the original 6 lands and grooves delivers high accuracy with all types of bullets (including lead)

  • Stress-relieved and heat-treated before final rifling and refinishing

  • Easy to install

  • None yet

#4 Sig Sauer Barrel, 1911, 357, Carry BBL-1911-357-CARRY

Sig Sauer Barrel BBL-1911-357-CARRY

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Caliber: 357 SIG

The Sig Sauer designed a replacement pistol barrel for 1911 Carry-Size, chambered in .357 SIG, without loaded chamber indicator. These stainless barrels are outfitted with links and pins. The barrels are specially heat-treated to make them rigid and long-lasting. Some fitment may be needed.

  • Easy fit for the Kimber Eclipse

  • Sturdy material due to the heat treatment

  • Reliable performance

  • Easy to install

  • Not Yet Rated

#5 Iver Johnson Arms Iver Johnson Barrel 1911 .45acp Threaded 191145TBBL

Iver Johnson Arms Barrel 1911 191145TBBL

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Barrel Length: 5.75 in
Caliber: .45 ACP
Dimensions: 2.25 X 2.35 X 6.75 in
Height: 2.25 in
Threads per Inch: .578×28 TPI

The 1911 threaded barrel is engineered for Government size 1911s of 5.75 in overall length, can fit Commander size 1911s: it will stick out of the slide 1.5 inches. The barrels with a 1:16 twist rate are finished with Black oxide and threaded on the end (3/8 in). These barrels with thread cap feature six lands and grooves, coming without a link or pin. Iver Johnson Arms recommends making fitting by a certified gunsmith.

  • Made in the USA

  • Quality finish

  • Not Yet Rated

#6 Ed Brown Products Suppressor-Ready 1911 Pistol Barrel, 4 models

Ed Brown Products Suppressor-Ready 1911 Pistol Barrel

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Gun Model: Colt 1911 Government; 1911 Commander
Barrel Length: 5 in; 4.25 in
Caliber: .45 ACP; 9mm Luger
Threads per Inch: .578×28; 1/2×28

These Stainless Steel (T-416) barrels with 1-16 Barrel Twist are longer than the Ed Brown drop-in barrels. They come with a bushing, thread protector, link, and link pin, and are threaded for use with suppressors. Check your state laws regarding suppressors, before purchasing one (note it should be outfitted with a Nielsen device).

  • 1911 Suppressor-Ready barrel

  • Fits snugger than the original barrel and it shoots great

  • The OAL is too short

  • Doesn’t have the 0.65” clearance from the bushing to the end of the barrel, as a result, the piston contacts with the bushing during recoil causing a battery failure

Bonus 1:

Evolution Gun Works 1911 Barrel Block/ Lock-up Gauge, 70210

Evolution Gun Works 1911 Barrel Block 70210

View on Opticsplanet


Length: 3.0 in
Width: 1.0 in
Slots Cuts: .362″ / .369″

This barrel block is made of Aluminum with an Anodized finish. It allows you to hold the barrel for quicker, more accurate adjustment for the hood sides and length. During the milling and fitting for accurate lock-up checking, use the block to keep the barrel in place. You can put a dial indicator on the barrel due to the hole in the gauge to monitor both correct alignment and lock-up.

  • Quality tool

  • Make easy alignment and lock-up process

  • None yet

Bonus 2:

Ed Brown Products 1911 Barrel Link 925

Ed Brown Products 1911 Barrel Link 925

View on Opticsplanet

As some barrels come without a link, you can make your build complete due to this part. These links are crafted from aircraft reliable stainless steel bar stock (not stamped).

  • Allows to complete the barrel assembly

  • Fits match grade barrels

  • Not yet reviewed


Alien Gear Holsters Grip Tuck 1911 Holster, 8 models

Alien Gear Holsters Grip Tuck 1911 Holster

View on Opticsplanet


Hand: Right; Left
Holster Size: Sub-Compact; Compact; Full Size; Extra Full

The Inside the Waistband type Holsters are designed for 1911 guns. They are made of High-Density Neoprene with Edge Bound and protected Trigger guards.

  • Quality High-Drag Surface material

  • Not yet rated

How to Install Barrel at COLT 1911

  • Some drop-in match grade barrels with a matching bushing may need sanding the metal from the barrel link pin (as they don’t have the barrel link pre-installed) and filing some steel from around the locking lugs on the barrel for proper pistol cycling.
  • If you have a Match Barrel, you will probably need a gunsmith to machine it and fit it to both a barrel bushing and a slide.
  • If you want to install a 1911 Auto match barrel by yourself, first measure the slide with a Digital Caliper (#539-832-218 or #606-500-136) to determine the hood length (usually about 1.314 in). Fit the barrel tightly (not too much) against the breech face.
  • There are two ways to hold the barrel squarely in the slide with the Barrel Alignment Block.
  • After measuring the breech face width, transfer them to the hood to file or mill to the actual necessary size.
  • Or paint the hood back with a black marker and gently tap the barrel against the breech face sides, then file the hood by hand.
  • After the correct fitting of hood length and width, lock up the barrel fully into the battery. The rear lug is oversized on the recess depth for slide fitting; it should be lowered until the barrel locks up completely to maximum lug depth. Center the barrel on the firing pin hole, having .045 in lug engagement to lock up.
  • How to measure the lock-up amount: put the barrel into the slide, without touching the breech face and seating into the slide lugs. A loose bushing can be useful to support the standard barrel muzzle without any binding.
  • While fitting a bull barrel, prevent barrel binding or springing as you push the barrel up into place.
  • There are two methods to fitting the bottom lugs on a 1911 Auto. The hand-cut approach means the bottom lugs are cut with the barrel installed in the frame. This way the lugs are in a direct relationship with the slide stop pin that they are going to lock up on.
  • After aligning the barrel square with the Alignment Block, insert a 1911 Auto Barrel Holder into the slide and remove the block. Fasten the barrel slide onto the frame and cut the barrel lower lugs with the Lug Cutter to allow the thumb safety to go into engagement to lock on the slide stop pin.
  • The slide back and frame should be flush, if not, you can remove odd metal later.
  • To provide better accuracy the flat on the lugs should be locked on the slide stop pin.
  • Mount the link and pin it into the barrel and handcycle. Check correct clearances for bushing or cone lockup at the pint: with the slide back over the hood and the barrel unlocked leave at least .005 in clearance between the slide upper lugs and the barrel top.
  • The barrel should be seated completely in its bed on the frame and the link bottom is not bottoming out in the frame. After being sure the pistol cycles without binding, proceed with chambering.
  • Check the chamber length and its diameter. Depending on the caliber, you may need to cut the chamber depth.
  • Fit a barrel with Wilson/Nowlin ramp or a Clark/Para ramp go by the barrel specs.
  • After cutting the barrel depth, fix the frame in the milling vise with the dust shroud pointing downward and the frame rails 45º from vertical. Cut a chamfer about .050 in wide at the intersection of those two previous cuts. Bevel the chamfer edges with a needle file, rounding them into a 1/16 in radius.
  • Fitting between bushing and slide should be tight, while a match bushing should be 0.001 in reamed over the barrel diameter. Chamfer the bushing top rear inside and lower front inside the barrel to ensure smooth locking and unlocking. During lockup, it should not spring back or bind when pushed up into the slide by hand.


How Long Will 1911 Barrels last?
The average service life of the 1911 barrel is about 5,000 rounds. After this shot quantity, the radial lugs can be rounded off or the lower lugs can break off.
What does a 1911-barrel bushing do?
The bushing barrel keeps the barrel duly aligned, ensuring the clearance for the barrel to tilt during the rifle recoils, making the next round loading easier. The bushing is fixed over the barrel muzzle, providing the barrel with centering and a solid platform for firing, when the slide goes back into the battery.
Are 1911 barrels interchangeable?
1911 barrels are not interchangeable, they often need some fitting, especially when changing a barrel from another brand. Some barrels, produced even by the same manufacturer, cannot drop in a gun from a similar or even the same model.
Can I put a longer barrel on my 1911?
The shooter is limited to the sight radius of the existing one in 1911. IMO won’t be significantly increased due to a longer barrel unless a red dot sight or a scope is used or the width between the sights is enlarged.


Choose 1911 barrels, made from Forged Stainless Steel, which are strong and long-lasting. Be attentive with the two most common kinds of ramped barrels, using a Para Ordnance ramp or a Wilson/Nowlin one, which are not interchangeable, as the frame bridge cut is different.

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