Our Selection 6 Best 6.8 SPC Barrel

Yankee Hill Machine Barrel Ar-15 6.8 Spc YHM-80-TFYankee Hill MachineBUY
Daniel Defense Rifle Barrel Assembly 6.8mm SPCDaniel DefenseBUY
Wilson Combat AR Threaded BarrelWilson CombatBUY
Proof Research AR-Type Carbon Fiber BarrelProof ResearchBUY
Thompson Center Contender G2 6.8mm Remington Barrel 06234202Thompson CenterBUY
Radical Firearms Complete Upper Assembly 6.8 SPC IIRadical FirearmsBUY

The AR platform is widely popular as it can adjust easily to various calibers thanks to the corresponding barrels. If you are hooked on your basic AR15 rifle because of its superb fit and convenient operation, however, you want to attempt a 6.8 SPC, then just alter the barrel.

The 6.8 SPC is a bullet, which can improve shooting performance out of the AR-15 rifle or carbine, compared with the 5.56x45mm NATO round, together with the reliable barrel. You need to select the proper barrel.

Why do we need a 6.8 SPC barrel?

The 6.8 SPC provides better ballistics and gives 44% more energy at longer distances than the 5.56, hitting targets harder and sustaining less bullet drop at those ranges. The AR-15 platform is convenient to fire for the 6.8 without the necessity to switch to the larger and heavier AR-10 platform, which uses the .308 Winchester bullets.

Best Pick

Wilson Combat AR Threaded Barrel, 13 models

Wilson Combat AR Threaded Barrel

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These stiff barrels are outfitted with a hand-polished bore, feed ramps, and crisp CNC markings. A quality chamber and gas port enhance the barrel’s dependability, while an intermediate gas port makes cycling very smooth. The barrel can be hand-fitted to ensure it aligns properly with the bore axis.

TOP 6 – Editor’s Choice – 6.8 SPC Barrel

#1 Yankee Hill Machine Barrel Ar-15 6.8 Spc 16″ Threaded 1:10″ Fluted Carbine YHM-80-TF

Yankee Hill Machine Barrel Ar-15 6.8 Spc YHM-80-TF

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Caliber: 6.8mm Remington SPC
Barrel Length: 16 in
Barrel Weight: 1.73 lbs
Barrel Thread: 1/2″ x 36

The Yankee Hill Machine designed Barrels with a 1:10 inch barrel twist for AR-15. These fluted barrels, covered with Black matte, feature carbine length gas ports with .750 gas block size. The barrel comes without sight.

  • Capable to shoot 1000 rounds or 110gr BTHP Hornady American Gunner and to be sub-MOA all day long, using a 1-5 scope

  • Quality matte finish

  • None yet

#2 Daniel Defense Rifle Barrel Assembly 6.8mm SPCS2W/MID

Daniel Defense Rifle Barrel Assembly 6.8mm SPC

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Caliber: 6.8mm Remington SPC
Barrel Length: 18 in
Threads per Inch: 5/8×24
Barrel Weight: 2.50 lbs

These barrels are SPCII spec with S2W Profile, which considers a strength to weight (Daniel Defense’s Heavy Barrel). The barrel with a 1:11-inch twist rate and a Mid-length gas system is crafted from Chrome Moly Vanadium and covered with Mil-Spec Heavy Phosphate, Chrome Lined in Black Color. The special Cold Hammer Forging process is applied with help of intense hydraulic pressure: a mandrel is placed into the bore while the carbide steel hammers mold the barrel around the mandrel making the chamber, the grooves, and the lands.

  • Cold Hammer Forging ensures production of the most accurate and the longest lasting rifle barrels with the most enduring chamber and defect-free bore

  • Made in the USA (the facility is located in Black Creek, GA)

  • Prior-quality outer coating

  • None rated yet

#3 Wilson Combat AR Threaded Barrel

Wilson Combat AR Threaded Barrel

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Caliber: 6.8 SPC; 6.8mm Remington SPC
Barrel Length: 16 in
Barrel Weight: 36 oz
Barrel Profile: Ranger; Recon Tactical – Fluted
Gas Block Journal Size-Diameter: .750 in
Threads per Inch: 5/8×24
Gun Model: AR-15, M4; AR-15
Gas Block Journal Size-Length: 0.92 in (for 6.8 SPC)

Among 13 models, there are two-barrel kinds, which are bored for 6.8 SPC and 6.8mm Remington SPC. They both are medium profile (not heavy one) feature a Mid Length Gas System and 1-11 Barrel Twist Rate. The Wilson Combat designed a comprehensive line of stainless steel (416R), match-grade barrels to provide dependability and high accuracy for AR rifles. The barrels are equipped with a hand-polished bore, feed ramps, and crisp CNC markings.

  • Specialized factories with computer-controlled equipment and strictly final inspection

  • A chamber and gas port are made more effective to enhance dependability

  • The QC is excellent

  • Stiffness is reached due to the multiple barrel features, which allow to resist heat warp and dampen vibrations

  • Match-grade rifling

  • The barrel is hand-fitted to provide it aligns perfectly with the bore axis

  • Machining is precise and clean

  • A target-style reverse crown delivers top-notch accuracy: each bullet is released cleanly

  • Exceptional finish

  • Cleans up well with little residue

  • Easy to install

  • An intermediate gas port makes cycling very smooth

  • This barrel fits so tight, it’s necessary to use a rubber mallet to tap it into the upper receiver; it needs about 0.001 more clearance

#4 Proof Research AR-Type Carbon Fiber Barrel

Proof Research AR-Type Carbon Fiber Barrel

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Caliber: 6.8 SPC; 6.8mm Remington SPC
Caliber: 6.8mm Remington SPC; 6.8 SPC
Barrel Length: 18 in; 16 in
Gas System Length: Rifle Length; Mid Length
Gas Block Journal Size-Diameter: .750 in
Threads per Inch: 5/8×24

These carbon fiber-wrapped rifle barrels are a good lightweight alternative to traditional steel barrels. The Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrels 1-10 in Twist Rate are available in Steel and Black Colors. These barrels do not include a gas block and pin cutouts.

  • Superior performance: sturdiness, great accuracy, and long barrel life

  • 64% lighter than standard steel barrels of the same contour

  • None rated yet

#5 Thompson Center Contender G2 6.8mm Remington Barrel 06234202

Thompson Center Contender G2 6.8mm Remington Barrel 06234202

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Caliber: 6.8mm Remington SPC
Barrel Length: 23 in

These barrels are outfitted with standard Thompson Center optic mounting capability.

The barrels for the G2 Contender can be replaced quickly, just by removing the forend and tapping out the barrel (frame hinge pin). Different forends are used for rifle shotguns and muzzleloader barrels. Note: only Contender frames with serial numbers greater than 195000 can fit G2 Contender barrels. All Contender barrels: blued and stainless are interchangeable.

  • More user-friendly in the field than Thompson/Center’s original Contender

  • Easy barrel interchangeability

  • Long-range accuracy

  • Capacity for adjustments between rimfire and centerfire

  • California’s Proposition 65

  • None rated yet

#6 Radical Firearms Complete Upper Assembly 16in 6.8 SPC II with A2 Flash Hider

Radical Firearms Complete Upper Assembly 6.8 SPC II

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Caliber: 6.8mm Remington SPC
Gun Model: AR-15
Gun Rail: KeyMOD; M-Lok

This Complete Upper Assembly comes with the charging handle, bolt carrier group, A2 Flash Hider. This upper receiver with 1-11 Barrel Twist Rate will operate on a standard AR-15 lower receiver. One of six models is covered with Matte, the rest have Anodized Finish.

  • Complete Upper Assembly

  • Two options of gun rails for AR15 platforms

  • Reliable materials

  • None rated yet

How To Install 6.8 SPC barrel at AR 15

  • Every time before upgrading or cleaning the rifle, don’t forget to unload it.
  • Start the barrel mounting by removing the complete AR upper receiver, and attached to it optics with accessories.
  • Different kinds of handguards can be installed on the AR 10 and AR 15 platforms. Free-floating handguards are usually fastened by 6 screws. Anyway, dismounting will be almost the same, you just need to twist the screws off.
  • After taking off the front handguards, do the same with the tube and gas block; a barrel nut is convenient to undo with AR 10/15 Armorer’s wrench.
  • If you need to detach the flasher suppressor, secure the upper into the vise with help of a vise block, and slide it off the gas block.
  • Before installing a new barrel, it is necessary to clean the upper receiver. Wash out each piece with a solvent, clean threads for the barrel nut, and check their suitability.
  • Slide the barrel chamber end into the upper, where the locating pin should fit tightly into the slot without rotation.
  • Index the barrel nut duly, depending on the used front handguard, and tightened with torque about from 30 to 45 Ft/Lb to ensure proper alignment.
  • You should slide on the gas block and align it on the barrel top. Then check the gas block alignment to the barrel by drilling through the gas tube with compressed air and feel air coming out of the barrel. If the gas block is well-tightened, slide the front handguard over the barrel and fix it with the special screws.
  • Fasten the flash suppressor or muzzle brake by using a crush wash to lock one of these devices in place, tightening them until the ports will be aligned properly, but don’t overtighten.
  • If you don’t have a crush washer, put a small amount of red Loctite to the barrel threads, then screw on the muzzle device and tighten.
  • It is important to check headspace on the new barrel: you can do this by setting its gauges in the caliber you are shooting with (three sizes: Go, No Go, and Field gauges).
  • If you figure out any headspace issues, contact the barrel manufacturer or visit the gunsmith with your rifle.
  • Re-assemble optics or other accessories back onto the rail. Then clean out the trigger group and lube it. The last action to make a fully-assembled rifle is to connect the upper receiver to the lower one.


What is the best barrel length for 6.8 SPC?
The 6.8 SPC ammo was engineered for the most favorable efficacy in an SBR (short-barreled rifle). The best barrel length for 6.8 SPC is 16 inches. The longer the barrel, the less velocity will become.
Is 6.8 SPC the same as 224 Valkyrie?
Not exactly, the bullets, used for both, are the same diameter, but a 224 Valkyrie barrel differs in chamber dimensions. Their upper receivers are the same, although a 6.8 SPC bolt is dissimilar.
What is the difference between 6.8 SPC and 6.8 SPC 2?
The 6.8 bolt is the same for SPC 1 or SPC II. The SPC II is an enhanced chamber with diminished chamber pressure spikes.

All 6.8 ammunition is the same size, the 6.8 chambers are the similar size. All factory ammunition will fit in a 6.8SPC, SPCII, or ARP chamber. The free bore length is the only difference in the chambers.

What is a 6.8 SPC round?
The 6.8 mm Remington Special Purpose Cartridge (6.8×43mm, 6.8 SPC, 6.8 SPC II) bullet is suitable for both hunting on varmints and medium-sized game at short to moderate range, ensuring high performance in shorter barreled rifles. This round is a rimless bottlenecked midway rifle cartridge.
Is a 6.8 SPC a 30 caliber?
The 6.8 Remington SPC is designed on a base of a .30 Remington cartridge case, but it shoots a 7.035 mm projectile.
How far can a 6.8 SPC shoot?
With the 6.8 you can shoot at the range of about 300 yards. At 300 yards or less, by using a reliable scope from 1.25 to 9 magnification with the 6.8 SPC, it will be suitable for deers.
Is 6.8 SPC going away?
According to the United States army decision the traditional 7.62x51mm NATO and 5.56x45mm NATO bullets should be ditched for a new caliber – the 6.8mm.

The Army-issue 6.8mm will be a completely new caliber, and will not be the existing 6.8 SPC.


Barrels are firearms’ consumable components as while shooting with time the wear, on the rifling and in the chamber end throat area happens, caused by the chamber pressure, burning powder, and friction. As the worn old barrel can affect the shooting accuracy, it’s better to change it after 5000 rounds.

The ammunition type influences a due barrel choice. Remember specific calibers will run better at particular barrel lengths (should match the chosen round). Check the length functionality as well before purchasing the barrel.

Look for accurate corrosion-resistant barrels with a case hardening form (QPQ finish) for extra protection. Melonite barrels will be more durable than chrome ones, reducing buildup. To avoid malfunction because of carbon fouling, while using the 6.8 SPC, clean the barrel after noticing black buildup in the bore.

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