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What is MP5 Suppressor? 💡

These are special types of sound suppressors designed for use with MP5 submachine guns. They mitigate the noise, flash, and recoil from shooting an MP5 by trapping some of the expanding gas from firing a cartridge in order to reduce the noise that is heard by the shooter and bystanders.

Best MP5 Suppressor

Our Top Pick
Daniel Defense DDM4V7 LW 5.56 DDFH Complete Upper Receiver
This impressive gun is built with a Cold Hammer Forged 16″ Lightweight profile barrel and comes fitted with the DD improved Flash Suppressor to reduce flash signature. Plus, it contains a mid-length gas system which provides smooth cycling while also decreasing wear on moving components.
Buy Now On OpticsPlanet
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Features 🔰

📌 Size: The size of your suppressor should match your shooting needs. A larger suppressor will reduce noise more effectively but may add unnecessary weight and bulk to your setup.

📌 Weight: It’s important to pay attention to the weight of your suppressor as well.

  • The heavier it is, the harder it will be to manoeuvre and aim with precision.
  • Look for a lightweight model that won’t weigh you down when shooting or transporting.

📌 Material: The material used in constructing an MP5 Suppressor can also affect its performance and durability.

  • Stronger materials like stainless steel are known for their corrosion resistance and durability but may be too expensive for some budgets.
  • Aluminium is usually less expensive but not as strong or durable as steel construction.

📌 Other features worth considering include muzzle brakes, flash hiders, baffles, end caps, mounting adapters, and quick attach systems which allow you to quickly install or remove a suppressor from your firearm without any special tools or effort required. All these features can help enhance your shooting experience while keeping you safe from harmful noise levels produced by firearms when shooting unsuppressed ammunition cartridges.

Please watch this video to learn more information 📺

Maintenance 🔰

🧿 To begin, inspect the suppressor regularly for any signs of wear or deterioration, such as rusting or wear from physical contact with other objects.

🧿 It’s also important to clean the inside of the suppressor after each use. This can be done by using an appropriate cleaner, such as a gun cleaning solution specifically designed for suppressors.

🧿 Don’t forget to lubricate the inside of the suppressor before each use. By doing so, you can keep dust and dirt particles out which would otherwise reduce its efficiency over time.

🧿 Be sure to store your MP5 Suppressor in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight as this can cause corrosion and other damage over time.

🧿It is also important to avoid dropping it on hard surfaces which may cause dents or damage that could make it less effective at muffling sound.

We believe this video can be helpful for you 📺

Our Selection 4 Best 🚀 MP5 Suppressor

Daniel Defense DDM4V7 LW 5.56 Complete Upper ReceiverDaniel Defense DDM4V7 LW 5.56 Complete Upper ReceiverDaniel DefenseBUY
Smith & Wesson M&P Upper Assembly 5R Flash SuppressorSmith & Wesson M&P Upper Assembly 5R Flash SuppressorSmith & WessonBUY
Daniel Defense OpticsPlanet Custom Upper ReceiverDaniel Defense OpticsPlanet Custom Upper ReceiverDaniel DefenseBUY

 Best 💣 MP5 Suppressor Review

1# Surefire Sf Ryder 9-Mp5 Suppressor For H&K Mp5 With Tri-Lug Attachment


View on Brownells


Cartridge: 9 mm Luger
Finish: Black
Diameter (in): 1.3
Length: 8″
Style: Quick Detach
Weight: 16.0 oz

Presenting the Surefire SF Ryder 9-MP5 Suppressor is just what you need. This top-of-the-line suppressor is designed specifically for the MP5 and features a proprietary Fast-Attach system that makes it quick and easy to attach and remove. The SF Ryder 9-MP5 is constructed of extremely durable stainless steel and is highly effective at attenuating noise – perfect for both duty use and target practice. Ready to take your shooting experience to the next level? Pick up a Surefire SF Ryder 9-MP5 Suppressor today!

Video review

  • Extremely durable
  • Highly effective at attenuating noise
  • Quick and easy to attach and remove
  • Stainless steel baffles
  • It may be a little pricey
  • It may be difficult to clean


2# Daniel Defense DDM4V7 LW 5.56 DDFH Complete Upper Receiver

Daniel Defense DDM4V7 LW 5.56 Complete Upper Receiver

View on OpticsPlanet


Color: Black
Finish: Hard Coat Anodized
Fabric/Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum
Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO
Barrel Length: 16 in
Barrel Profile: Light Weight
Gas System Length: Mid Length
Barrel Twist Rate: 1-7
Handguard Length: 15 in
Handguard Type: Free-Float
Attachment/Mount Type: Picatinny
Gun Rail: M-LOK
Muzzle Device: Flash Suppressor
Gun Type: Rifle
Gun Model: AR-15
Weight: 3.9 lb
Hand: Ambidextrous

Do you need a reliable, lightweight upper receiver group? Check out the Daniel Defense DDM4V7 LW 5.56 DDFH Complete Upper Receiver. This bad boy is built around a Cold Hammer Forged 16″ Lightweight profile barrel, and comes equipped with a DD improved Flash Suppressor to reduce flash signature. It also features a mid-length gas system for smooth, reliable cycling and reduced wear on moving parts. The new independent Ambi GRIP-N-RIP Charging Handle accommodates left- and right-handed shooters and is designed to optimally cycle round after round. So don’t wait any longer, pick up a Daniel Defense DDM4V7 LW 5.56 DDFH Complete Upper Receiver today!

Video review

  • Lightweight
  • Reduced wear on moving parts
  • Accommodates left- and right-handed shooters
  • Optimally cycles round after round
  • Fit only Picatinny mount type
  • Not waterproof


3# Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Upper Assembly .300 Whisper 5R Flash Suppressor

Smith & Wesson M&P Upper Assembly 5R Flash Suppressor

View on OpticsPlanet


Mfg Item Num: 812012S
Barrel Length: 16
made in specialized factories: made in specialized factories
Tactica: Tactical
Finish: Black Melonite Finish
Caliber-Gauge: .300 WHISPER
Master Model Header: M&P15 .300 Whisper Upper Assembly

Notice the Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Upper Assembly! This versatile upper assembly is perfect for short-range target shooting and hunting deer-sized games. It features a 16″ barrel that is threaded to 5/8-2 and optimally unable to run with a wide variety of bullet weights from 110 to 220+ grains. Plus, it has a low recoil and muzzle blast, making it a great choice for those who want to operate with or without a sound suppressor. So don’t wait any longer, pick up your very own Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Upper Assembly today!

Video review

  • For hunting deer-sized game
  • Tactical application
  • Feed ramps and gas system optimized
  • Barrel twist rate compatible with a wide variety of bullet weights
  • Not weather-resistant
  • Available only in black


4# Daniel Defense OpticsPlanet Exclusive Custom Upper Receiver

Daniel Defense OpticsPlanet Custom Upper Receiver

View on OpticsPlanet


Color: Black/Brown
Finish: Anodized
Fabric/Material: Aluminum
Barrel Length: 14.5 in
Barrel Profile: Government
Gas System Length: Mid Length
Barrel Twist Rate: 1-7
Handguard Length: 13.5 in
Attachment/Mount Type: M-LOK
Threads per Inch: 1/2×28
Gun Model: AR-15
Barrel Material: 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium

Presenting the Daniel Defense OpticsPlanet Exclusive Custom A4 Upper Receiver Group. This excellent product is made of chrome moly vanadium steel. The gas system is a pinned low-profile gas block that is CNC machined of hardened steel, and it has a mid-length direct impingement. This amazing product is brand new and it comes with indexing marks and M4 feed ramps. Order the Daniel Defense OpticsPlanet Exclusive Custom A4 Upper Receiver Group today!

Video review

  • Made of chrome moly vanadium steel
  • Pinned low-profile gas block
  • Mid-length direct impingement
  • Comes with indexing marks and M4 feed ramps
  • It may be a little pricey
  • It may be difficult to clean


Installation 😎

🧷 To begin, make sure all ammunition is unloaded and the gun is cleared.

🧷Then, remove the flash hider from the barrel of the MP5 by unscrewing it counterclockwise with a wrench or other appropriate tool.

🧷 Then thread the suppressor onto the threads of the barrel in a clockwise direction until it is securely attached to the MP5.

🧷 Once attached, check to make sure that it’s properly aligned with the barrel and that all parts are securely fastened.

🧷 It’s important to ensure that there are no gaps between the suppressor and either end of the barrel as these can cause gas leakage which will reduce sound suppression performance.

🧷 Use an appropriate lubricant on any contact points between metal surfaces prior to use for added protection against wear and tear.

Watch this video to find more information💻


Which suppressor is best for MP5?
This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on what you are looking for and what your budget is. There are a few things to consider when purchasing an MP5 suppressor.

✅The first is the material the suppressor is made from. They are typically made from aluminium or stainless steel. Aluminum is lighter weight but not as durable as stainless steel. Stainless steel is more expensive but will last longer.

✅ Also to consider is the length of the suppressor.

What is the best material for a suppressor?
There is no one “best” material for a suppressor. Different materials have different benefits and drawbacks.

📍 For example, aluminium is lightweight and durable, but it is not as effective at reducing noise as stainless steel. Stainless steel is heavier and more expensive, but it does a better job of reducing noise.

Ultimately, the best material for a suppressor depends on the specific needs of the shooter.

Does the length of a suppressor matter?
The length of a suppressor does matter, but it is not the most important factor. The length of a suppressor determines how much noise reduction it can provide. A longer suppressor will typically provide more noise reduction than a shorter one. However, the length of the suppressor is not the only factor that determines its effectiveness. Other factors such as the type of material used and the design of the baffles also play a role in noise reduction.
Is Muzzle Brake Better Than a Suppressor?

🧲 Muzzle brakes are designed to divert the pressure of the expanding gases away from the shooter’s ears. This helps reduce felt recoil and can improve accuracy by keeping the muzzle flat during rapid fire. While these devices are effective at reducing perceived noise levels, they do not eliminate them entirely so shooters should still wear hearing protection when using muzzle brakes.

🧲 Suppressors, on the other hand, utilize internal baffles or chambers filled with materials that absorb some of the gases released during firing. By absorbing and dispersing these gases, suppressors can drastically reduce both noise levels and recoil when used properly. Because of this, suppressors are often seen as being superior to muzzle brakes in terms of user experience and safety.

✅ However, there is one major downside to suppressors – they require a bit more cleaning than muzzle brakes due to the accumulation of debris inside them over time.

✅ Many countries have laws governing their ownership and use which may limit how effectively they can be used in certain areas.

Please watch this video to learn more information📺

What is the difference between a thread-on and a quick-attach suppressor?
A thread-on suppressor attaches to the muzzle of the gun using threads. A quick-attach suppressor uses a locking mechanism to attach to the muzzle. Thread-on suppressors are typically more difficult to attach and remove, but they tend to be more secure once they are attached. Quick-attach suppressors are easier to attach and remove, but they may not be as secure.
Do all guns need a suppressor?
No, not all guns need a suppressor. Suppressors are typically used by shooters who want to reduce the noise of their gunshots. However, there are some situations where a shooter may want to use a muzzle brake or flash hider instead of a suppressor.


When looking for the best MP5 suppressor, it is important to consider a variety of factors. The most important factor when choosing a suppressor is its compatibility with your firearm. Other considerations include weight, size, and noise reduction capabilities. We have highlighted some of the top-rated items on the market and provided helpful tips to help you make the right purchase for your needs. Thanks for reading! 🤩🎯

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10 months ago

Thank you for the information. Have a question. Are there any legal requirements for owning an MP5 Suppressor?

Zack Buck
Reply to  Jimeycy
10 months ago

Yes, there are certain legal requirements for owning an MP5 Suppressor.
⭕ To be able to buy and own an MP5 Suppressor, you must first have the necessary paperwork in order. In the United States, this includes filling out a Form 4 application from the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms & Explosives (ATF) and paying any applicable taxes or fees.
⭕ Additionally, you may also need to obtain permission from your local law enforcement agency before acquiring a suppressor in some states.

🔴 It is important to note that ownership of a suppressor may be prohibited in certain areas due to state laws or regulations so always consult with your local law enforcement agency prior to purchasing one. Therefore, researching all federal and state laws before deciding on buying an MP5 Suppressor is highly recommended.

10 months ago

Please, who used a suppressor, share your experience. What brand did you choose?
Thank you in advance

Reply to  Kis
10 months ago

From my experience, the Daniel Defense firearm is exceptionally lightweight. My girlfriend is comfortable holding it while at the range. Additionally, we noted that the ambidextrous charging handle included with the firearm is nearly as good as a Radian. The Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) is impressive, and the handguard is slim and has a fantastic grip. I believe that the firearm is well worth the price, provided that one has the financial means to afford it.

Reply to  Kis
10 months ago

I paired a Franklin Armory Libertas Binary lower with a Daniel Defense upper with a suppressor, it resulting in an impressive setup. I noted that the firearm is lightweight, doesn’t overheat, and is incredibly accurate.

Zack Buck
Reply to  TynaRR
10 months ago

Yes, it is safe to use a suppressor with an MP5 gun.
🟡 A suppressor will reduce the sound of your firearm and may even improve accuracy.
🟡 Just follow all local laws and always wear ear protection when shooting with a suppressed weapon.
🟡 Check the manufacturer’s instructions on how often you should clean and maintain the suppressor for optimal performance.

Reply to  Kis
10 months ago

I purchased an upper S&W from this list to switch out the 5.56 on my S&W MP15 so that my gun could match whether I was using 300 Blackout or 5.56. Although I could have gone with individual parts to achieve this, I preferred the aesthetics of my 5.56 S&W and opted for the complete 300 Blackout S&W upper, which was identical except for the barrel. The quality of the S&W upper was excellent, and I appreciated the fact that I could use the same magazines for both calibers. The upper also came with its own BCG.

10 months ago

Good topic. I can assure you it is hard to find the information about it.
Is it safe to use a suppressor with my MP5 gun?

10 months ago

I have some doubts regards the purchase of a suppressorressor. It costs money. And I do not to waste them. What type of sound reduction can I expect from an MP5 Suppressor? 

Zack Buck
Reply to  Veissan
10 months ago

The sound reduction you can expect from an MP5 Suppressor depends on the model and manufacturer you choose. Generally, MP5 Suppressors are designed to reduce the report of a 9mm round by at least 30 dB, which is a significant noise reduction.

🟣 When considering your options for an MP5 Suppressor, be sure to look for ones that have welding techniques such as baffles or wipes which provide effective sound suppression with minimal back pressure.
🟣 Additionally, many manufacturers incorporate materials such as stainless steel and titanium into their designs to reduce weight while still providing optimal sound reduction.
🟣 If you plan on using your MP5 Suppressor in high-volume shooting situations, look for models with heat-resistant construction and cooling systems to ensure they can perform without any degradation in performance over extended shooting sessions.