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Best 9mm Suppressor

What is a 9mm Suppressor? 💡

These are devices that reduce the loud sound of a firearm when it is discharged. They do this by trapping and releasing gas in a controlled way when the gunshot occurs, muffling the sound of the gun.

Watch this video to find more information 💻

Features 🔔

🔎 Sound Reduction Level: The primary purpose of a suppressor is to reduce the noise associated with firing a gun. Different suppressors will vary in terms of the amount of noise they can reduce, with some offering high levels of sound reduction and others providing minimal suppression. Generally speaking, larger suppressors tend to provide greater sound reduction than smaller units.

🔎 Size & Weight: All other things being equal, smaller is usually better when it comes to suppressors as they’re easier to manoeuvre and transport while shooting. That said, small-sized suppressors may not offer as much sound reduction as their larger counterparts. Additionally, weight should be taken into consideration as heavier models may be more difficult to handle during prolonged use or when shooting from unstable positions such as prone or kneeling.

🔎 Construction Quality: Constructed from metal alloys such as stainless steel or titanium, the quality of your construction will determine its durability and longevity. High-quality materials will help ensure that your silencer performs reliably over time while also reducing felt recoil and preventing corrosion that could otherwise damage internal components like baffles or wipes.

🔎 Attachment System: The attachment system used on your suppressor should be strong enough to firmly secure the unit onto your firearm without causing any damage or compromising performance in any way. Threaded connections are generally regarded as being among the strongest available, although newer quick-attach designs are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of use and convenience factors.

Our Top Pick
Silencerco Osprey 9 9mm Suppressor
The Osprey 9 9mm Suppressor is a great option for hunters and shooters who want a reliable tool. Its unique shape allows for more internal volume than a typical cylindrical suppressor, leading to better performance without sacrificing accuracy. Additionally, the suppressor's design makes it easier to shoot with your host pistol’s standard height sights since most of its physical mass is situated below the centerline of the bore.
Buy Now On Brownells
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Installation 🧲

⚡ The first step is to make sure that you have all of the necessary parts and tools to install the suppressor.  Most suppressors come with necessary mounting hardware and tools, such as wrenches and Allen keys, but you may need to purchase additional items depending on the type of mount or adapter you are using.

⚡ It is time to disassemble the gun. Start by disconnecting the barrel from the slide and removing any magazine extensions or other external components from the slide. Depending on your gun’s design, you may need to also remove some internal components before being able to obtain full access to all mounting points for the suppressor.

⚡ Once all of these parts have been removed, you can begin attaching your chosen mount or adapter for the suppressor onto your gun’s barrel or slide. Most mounts require two screws that must be tightened securely in order for them to stay in place during use; use an Allen key or wrench provided by the manufacturer to tighten these screws if necessary. After this is done, carefully attach and thread your suppressor onto the mount until it stops turning; then slowly back off one rotation so that it is secure yet easily removable when needed.

⚡ Lastly, reassemble and test fire your weapon with a dummy round (such as snap caps) in order to make sure everything is installed correctly and functioning properly without any issues.

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TOP 6 Best 9mm Suppressors 🌟

1# GSL Technology 9 mm Stealth Suppressor

GSL Technology 9 mm Stealth Suppressor

View on Rainierarms

Introducing the GSL TECHNOLOGY 9MM STEALTH SUPPRESSOR. Designed to meet all your shooting needs, this suppressor ensures you’ll be heard wherever you are! Featuring 34 dB sound reduction, a length of 6.875 inches, an outer diameter of 1.375 inches, and a weight of 7.2 ounces, this impressive piece of technology is designed with materials like aluminium and is finished with a hard coat anodized finish for added durability and superior protection from the elements. This suppressor also includes a direct thread piston in 1/2-28 and optional pistons (purchased separately) in 13.5x1mm LH as well as optional adapters (also purchased separately). Perfectly balanced so it won’t weigh down your rifle barrel or slide when attached securely to your weapon of choice! The GSL TECHNOLOGY 9MM STEALTH SUPPRESSOR guarantees a great shooting experience whether you’re out hunting or practising at the range!

Video review

  • Offers 34 dB sound reduction
  • Compact design with a length of 6.875 inches and an outer diameter of 1.375 inches
  • Crafted from aluminium for superior durability and protection
  • Hard coat anodized finish ensures lasting performance in various elements
  • Includes direct thread piston in 1/2 -28, plus optional pistons and adapters (sold separately)
  • Lightweight at 7.2 ounces, so it will not weigh down your rifle or slide when attached securely to it
  • Perfectly balanced for enhanced accuracy and precision shooting
  • Not compatible with all types of firearms
  • Additional components to fit different firearm models may be sold separately


2# GSL Technology 9mm Trinity SS Suppressor

GSL Technology 9mm Trinity SS Suppressor

View on Rainierarms

The GSL Technology 9mm Trinity SS Suppressor is a top-rated suppressor for hunters and shooters in the industry. Boasting unrivalled engineering top performance, this is the ultimate tool for sound suppression. Using this product, our team found that this suppressor offers maximum control and precision in a compact package that enables shooters to take advantage of all the same features of the Stealth 9mm Silencer but cut shorter for a more compact package. That’s right – enjoy superior suppression and exceptional portability with the GSL Technology Trinity SS Suppressor. Ideal for both rifles and pistols, this suppressor has a diameter of 1.375″ and a length of 4.875″, making it one of the smallest on the market today. It’s also lightweight at just 7.8oz, so you can carry it easily without having to sacrifice performance or power. Plus, with mounting options for either 1/2 x 28 or 13.5 x 1mm LH only, you can be sure that your gun will fit securely when using this suppressor – even if it’s a pistol! Don’t just take our word for it – see what all the fuss is about with an impressive 25dB reduction in noise from shooting! Trust the GSL Technology 9mm Trinity SS Suppressor to deliver jaw-dropping results on every single shot without fail, allowing you to feel confident in achieving accuracy every time you pull the trigger. Take your shooting experience up a notch with this game-changing suppressor today!

Video review

  • Unrivalled engineering and top performance for sound suppression
  • A compact package that shooters to take advantage of all the same features as Stealth 9mm Silencer but cut shorter
  • Diameter of 1.375″ and a length of 4.875″, making it one of the smallest on the market today
  • Lightweight at just 7.8oz, allowing for easy carrying without sacrificing performance or power
  • Mounting options for either 1/2 x 28 or 13.5 x 1mm LH only, ensuring secure fitting with any gun model
  • Superior accuracy every time you pull the trigger
  • Not suitable for use with larger weapons such as rifles or shotguns
  • May not fit all pistols or firearms due to size constraints
  • Can’t be disassembled for cleaning, making maintenance more difficult


3# Silencerco Octane 9 2.0 Suppressor

Silencerco Octane 9 2.0 Suppressor

View on Rainierarms

The Silencerco Octane 9 2.0 Suppressor is the perfect choice for serious hunters and shooters. Whether you’re looking to hit your target with precision accuracy or want maximum suppression, this high-performance suppressor has you covered. This advanced device offers calibre compatibility with both 9mm and 300BLK subsonic ammunition and is fully auto-rated, making it the ideal choice for high-power shooting requirements. Constructed from durable stainless steel, and aluminium, and finished in black for enhanced protection and longevity, the Octane 9 2.0 also provides superior heat mitigation due to its user-serviceable parts that can be easily disassembled for cleaning or replacement of components. With its total length of 7.27″, lightweight design at only 9 ounces, and 1.40″ diameter, the Octane 9 2.0 Suppressor ensures that you’ll have superior sound reduction and maximum performance from your shot without having to sacrifice power or portability.

  • Compatible with both 9mm and 300BLK subsonic ammunition
  • Fully auto-rated for high-power shooting requirements
  • Constructed from durable stainless steel and aluminium, finished in black for enhanced protection and longevity
  • Superior heat mitigation due to user-serviceable parts
  • The total length of 7.27″ and the lightweight design at only 9 ounces
  • 1.40″ diameter ensures superior sound reduction without sacrificing power or portability
  • May require special permits in certain states or jurisdictions to purchase or possess a suppressor
  • Not suitable for use with full-auto firearms
  • May require additional modifications to a firearm for optimal performance


4# Tiger Rock AR 9mm Hybrid Fake Suppressor Can

Tiger Rock AR 9mm Hybrid Fake Suppressor Can

View on Opticsplanet

Trust Tiger Rock to keep your AR shooting precisely and safely with our AR 9mm Hybrid Fake Suppressor Can. We know how important accuracy is for hunters, shooters, and hobbyists. That’s why we’ve designed this 2-in-1 hybrid suppressor that offers both external and internal uses, giving you the option of a stealthy look or enhanced ballistics performance to target precisely every shot. Based on our observations, it attaches quickly and easily to your gun’s barrel so you spend less time fidgeting and more time firing! With its 6″ length and lightweight 4 oz construction, this fake suppressor can provide you with superior accuracy in the field while significantly reducing flash signature.

  • High-grade aluminium and steel construction for superior durability
  • Quick and easy attachment to your gun’s barrel
  • Lightweight 4 oz construction
  • Enhances ballistics performance for more precise shots
  • Reduces flash signature
  • Not suitable for use in California due to ‘chemicals are known to the State of California’
  • May require some adjusting and fitting depending on the gun type and barrel size
  • Will not reduce sound or muzzle blast


5# Silencerco Osprey 9 9mm Suppressor

Silencerco Osprey 9 9mm Suppressor

View on Brownells

The Osprey 9 9mm Suppressor is the perfect choice for hunters and shooters looking for a functional, reliable tool. With its unique eccentric shape allowing for up to 30% more internal volume than a traditional cylindrical suppressor, the Osprey provides superior performance without compromising accuracy. Shooting with your host pistol’s standard height sights is made easier as most of this suppressor’s physical mass is below the centerline of the bore. The lightweight aluminium construction also helps ensure continued reliability in firing, so you can keep shooting with confidence. Additionally, our patented cam-lock system keeps the Osprey securely attached so you won’t have to worry about unexpected malfunctions. For hunters and shooters who are on the hunt for improved accuracy and efficiency, the Osprey 9 9mm Suppressor is a perfect choice.

  • Provides up to 30% more internal volume than a traditional cylindrical suppressor
  • Allows for shooting with host pistol’s standard height sights
  • Lightweight aluminium construction ensures continued reliability in firing
  • The patented cam-lock system keeps the suppressor securely attached
  • Improves accuracy and efficiency
  • Can be difficult to mount with certain hosts
  • Some users may find it too long for their purposes


6# Keymo Short Sound Suppressor Mount

Keymo Short Sound Suppressor Mount

View on Brownells

The Keymo Short Sound Suppressor Mount (6315KM-S 9mm) is specifically designed for Dead Air Silencers shrouds. This mount is much shorter than the classic 6315KM, measuring 2.063″ long, and it also has a larger bore size (0.385″ or 9.78mm). Even though it can be installed on a 223 AR rifle, its shorter length and larger bore size will reduce performance when it comes to muzzle rise compensation and flash signature mitigation. The 6315KM-S 9mm has been strategically designed with asymmetric ports to enhance muzzle rise compensation without creating excessive noise or concussion. To optimize the performance of this muzzle device, the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock ports have been deliberately made slightly smaller than those on the opposite sides. Hunters and shooters alike will appreciate Keymo Short Sound Suppressor Mount’s superior performance as well as its lightweight design that prevents unnecessary strain on their rifles while shooting.

  • Specifically designed for Dead Air Silencers shrouds
  • Shorter length than the classic 6315KM
  • Larger bore size (0.385″ or 9.78mm)
  • Asymmetric ports to enhance muzzle rise compensation without creating excessive noise or concussion
  • 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock ports have been deliberately made slightly smaller
  • The lightweight design prevents unnecessary strain on rifles while shooting
  • It may not fit all Dead Air Silencers shrouds.


Cleaning 🧼

📌 1. Disassembling: To begin, you’ll need to disassemble your suppressor into its component parts. This will involve unscrewing any locking screws, taking off end caps, or removing internal baffles or wipes. Make sure that all pieces are accounted for and in good working order.

📌 2. Ultrasonic Cleaning: Submerge each piece in an ultrasonic cleaner filled with a specialized solvent designed for gun parts like Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Cleaner/Degreaser or KG-9 Gun Cleaner/Degreaser. Follow the instructions on your solvent’s packaging to get the best results in the allotted time before draining it out and wiping down the components with a lint-free towel or cloth.

📌 3. Inspecting Parts: Now that your suppressor is clean, carefully inspect all parts with a magnifying glass to ensure there are no signs of damage or wear and tear that could impact its performance after reassembly – such as dents, cracks, corrosion, burrs, scratches, etc. Replace any damaged components immediately as they could cause inaccurate shots when using them again.

📌 4. Lubricating: Lubricate them with a quality firearm lubricant like CLP Break Free Gun Oil before reassembling your suppressor back together again. It’s especially important to apply a light layer of lubricant on threaded surfaces where end caps are secured as this can help prevent seizing during operation and make future disassembly easier as well!

📌 5. Reassembling: Following step four above it’s now time to put everything back together in reverse order from how you took it apart – starting with replacing any end caps or baffles before securing them with their respective locking screws or pins if needed (depending on the model). Finally, check everything one more time before proceeding to use it!

Please watch this video to learn more information 📺


What Are The Benefits Of Using A Suppressor?

🔥 Suppressors allow shooters to practice shooting at close ranges without the worry of hearing damage or a loud blast that could startle those around them. Some people may even find that their accuracy improves with the use of a suppressor, as it allows for a more focused aim and lessens the likelihood of flinching due to an unexpected sound.

🔥 Muzzle flash is also greatly reduced with the use of a suppressor. This helps shooters maintain their night vision when shooting in low light conditions and keeps bystanders from being blinded during target practice or hunting. Additionally, it can help keep animals from panicking or running away due to seeing the bright light associated with gunfire.

🔥 Finally, suppressors offer shooters peace of mind when practising on an indoor range or engaging in other activities where hearing protection might not be available or sufficient enough to protect against potential hearing loss over time. There is no substitute for proper ear protection when engaging in shooting activities, but using a suppressor can provide an additional layer of protection against permanent damage to your hearing.

Are the 9mm Suppressors Legal?

📌 The legality of 9mm suppressors varies by country and jurisdiction.

Generally speaking, you need to be licensed to purchase, own, or use a 9mm suppressor in the US. However, there are states that allow civilian ownership without any licensing requirements. It is best to check with your local laws before purchasing a suppressor.

📌 Additionally, it is important to note that buying a sound suppression device in an illegal state may still result in prosecution even if the item was obtained legally elsewhere.

What is better - titanium or steel suppressor?

Both titanium and steel can be used to make suppressors, with their own advantages and disadvantages.

🧿 Titanium is typically lighter in weight which may make it more comfortable for the user, but it is also more expensive than steel.

🧿 Steel on the other hand is heavier but less susceptible to heat damage and cheaper than titanium.

🔊 Ultimately, it comes down to each individual’s preferences based on factors like price point, lightweight design, heat resistance and overall performance when deciding between titanium or steel suppressors.

How Many Rounds Can You Put Through A 9mm Suppressor?

The number of rounds you can put through a 9mm suppressor varies depending on the type and model of the suppressor, as well as the kind of ammunition you are using.

📎 Generally speaking, many 9mm suppressors can handle up to 10,000 rounds without significant degradation in noise reduction performance.

📎 Some high-end models are even able to sustain up to 30,000 rounds before needing any major maintenance or replacement parts.

In order to ensure the maximum longevity of your suppressor, it is important to properly maintain it by regularly cleaning and oiling it after each use. This helps prevent debris and residue buildup which can cause premature wear on the components that make up the suppressor. Additionally, if you have access to subsonic ammunition, this can help reduce overall stress on the suppressor and increase its lifespan.

Do Suppressors Reduce Range?

When it comes to reducing noise levels at the shooting range, suppressors are an incredibly useful tool. But do suppressors reduce range?

💡 The answer is yes, suppressors do reduce range. This is because a suppressor reduces the sound of a gunshot by trapping and redirecting the muzzle blast in such a way that much of the sound energy is dissipated. As a result, when using a suppressor, bullets will travel at a lower velocity than they would without one, causing them to have lower maximum distances and less accuracy overall.

💡 Suppressors also help to reduce recoil by trapping some of the gas produced when firing, which helps to slow down the bullet and minimize its kickback. This makes it easier for shooters to keep their sights on target during extended periods of shooting. Moreover, some studies have suggested that using a suppressor can even improve accuracy over time as users become more used to shooting with one installed.

Conclusion 🔥

Finding the best 9mm suppressor for your situation can be a daunting task, but with our buyer’s guide, you now have all the information necessary to make an informed decision. We’ve provided tips on how to choose the right model, product reviews of some of the top-rated models and answered common questions about these types of suppressors. With this knowledge in hand, you should feel more confident when it comes time to purchase one for yourself or as a gift. No matter what type of shooting sport you are into, having a quality suppressor is essential and will help improve accuracy while also protecting hearing health. So don’t wait any longer; start looking at different brands and models today and find out which one fits your needs perfectly! 🙂🤍

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8 months ago

I have just ordered an m9a4, which will be the first handgun that I can suppress. Since I plan to use it as a nightstand gun, preserving my hearing in case I ever need to use it in my small apartment is important to me. I am looking for suppressor. Some of them short, some longer. What is better?

Zack Buck
Reply to  Konstantyn
8 months ago

Both shorter and longer 9mm suppressors have their advantages and disadvantages, so it ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences.

🟡 Shorter suppressors, also known as “k-style” or “micro” suppressors, are more compact and lightweight, making them easier to manoeuvre and handle.

  • They also tend to have less added length to the firearm, which can be beneficial in tight spaces or when concealment is a concern.
  • However, they may not be as effective at reducing the sound of the gunshot as longer suppressors, and they can produce more gas blowback and muzzle flash.

    🟡 Longer suppressors, also known as “full-size” or “cans,” are generally more effective at reducing the sound of the gunshot due to their larger volume and longer baffle stack.

  • They also tend to produce less gas blowback and muzzle flash.
  • However, they can be bulkier and heavier, which can affect the balance and manoeuvrability of the firearm.

    In summary, if you prioritize manoeuvrability and lightweight, a shorter suppressor might be a better choice for you. If you prioritize maximum noise reduction and can tolerate a larger, heavier suppressor, a longer one might be a better option.

  • Eslader
    8 months ago

    I’ve been spending a lot of time researching the best 9mm suppressors on the market, but now I’m starting to question whether or not I actually need one for my handgun. Sure, using a suppressor on a handgun at the range can be a fun experience, but is it something that I would realistically use in a self-defense situation?

    Zack Buck
    Reply to  Eslader
    8 months ago

    A suppressor can help reduce the noise and recoil of a firearm, making it more comfortable to shoot and potentially protecting your hearing.
    🟥 In terms of self-defence situations, a suppressor may not be necessary as your focus will likely be on the threat and your survival rather than the noise level of your firearm. However, in certain scenarios, such as home defence in close proximity to other people, a suppressor can help minimize the risk of hearing damage to yourself or others.

    Reply to  Eslader
    8 months ago

    For me, handgun suppressors are primarily for recreational use at the range or as a bedside gun while traveling.

    Reply to  Eslader
    8 months ago

    If you’ve never fired a gun indoors before, you’re in for a shock. Even if you know guns are loud, the disorienting and overwhelming noise of indoor gunfire is hard to describe until you’ve heard it firsthand. In my opinion, any gun intended for home defense should have, at the very least, a light and a suppressor attached. The added illumination of a light makes it easier to identify targets, while a suppressor helps to minimize the deafening noise that can occur in an enclosed space.

    I also recommend adding a red dot sight to your home defense gun. This will aid in quickly and accurately aiming at your target, which can be crucial in a high-pressure situation.

    8 months ago

    I have a 9mm pistol and carbine that I use with my suppressor, and I’m quite pleased with the sound reduction. The carbine does produce some port pop, but that’s not the fault of the suppressor. Additionally, I’ve tried using it on my Ruger 77/44 with subsonic rounds, and the sound reduction is impressive.

    8 months ago

    I’ve been doing a lot of research on suppressors and I’ve decided that I want to buy one. It’s a significant purchase for me as I don’t have a lot of extra money laying around, but I believe it’s a worthwhile investment. So your post helped me a lot!!! Thank you!!

    Zack Buck
    Reply to  Bices
    8 months ago

    Thank you for your kind words 👍