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Best Weapon Rack

There are some types of weapon racks with various mounting configurations to store guns, rifles, or arms: Single or Multiple, Vehicle racks, Vertical (floor or ceiling), or Horizontal (Wall) units. Horizontal gun racks are most suitable to display a shotgun, rifle, or several firearms in homes.

Why do we need a Weapon Rack?

The special racks protect firearms from scratching, movement, vibration, shock, and abrasion. Furthermore, these weapon storage units are outfitted with locks to prevent improper use, accidental discharge, or theft. During the gun stored in the racks, most optics and accessories can remain assembled and zeroed to the firearms.

Best Pick

Savior Equipment Gun Handgun Rack

Savior Equipment Gun Handgun Rack

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The racks are constructed of lightweight polymer plates and cushioned foam fixed between 2 powder-coated steel plates, making them tough and durable, fitting full-size semi-auto pistols and revolvers: there is plenty of room for the cylinder on full-size SW.

Budget Pick

Hornady SnapSafe Gun Racks

Hornady SnapSafe Gun Racks

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A good option for those, who would like to keep firearms openly rather than setting them in a safe. The top-notch metal racks come with a soft plastic coating.

Top 16 Weapon Rack

#1 Rush Creek Creations  10 Gun Storage Rack

Rush Creek Creations  10 Gun Storage Rack

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Portable and folding design is great for bringing it to campsites, cabins, and ranges
Gun butts rest softly on a rubber base and scratch-free finish is weather-resistant
Rack measures 21″L x 27″W x 28.5″H – easy to assemble

Video review

#2 GOHIKINGl Metal Gun Rack Wall Mount Rifle Shotgun Hooks

GOHIKINGl Metal Gun Rack Wall Mount Rifle Shotgun Hooks

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The Gun Rack with very simple design but it’s functions will beyond your expectation.
Note:we recommend using a level when installing your rack to make sure it is mounted properly.
A slanted rack will not function properly and is extremely dangerous

Video review

#3 Savior Equipment Mobile Firearm Rack

Savior Equipment Mobile Firearm Rack

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Overall Full Size: 32″ x 25.5″ x 29.5″
Folded Full Size: 32″ x 25.5″ x 16″
Minimum length from stock to barrel: 31 in
2 x Handgun Rack Size (each): 2″ x 7.5″ x 6″
Handgun Slot (each): 2″ x 1.5″ x 3.5″
Stock Support: 2.8″ x 6.5″
Barrel Support: 2.25″ x 3″
Frame Thickness: 0.75″
Package Weight: ‎8.15 kg

The foldable welded racks, made of durable Powder-Coated Steel, hold securely six 31-in Rifles and eight Pistols without weapon lights. The rack is simple in assembling: properly tighten screws after transportation to deliver stability.

Video review

  • Weather-Resistant and Sturdy construction

  • Versatile and Mobile Firearm Rack: can be used anywhere from showrooms to the hunting range

  • No more rifles or guns banging against each other

  • Minimal Space needed to keep the firearm

  • Fast assembly with Provided Hardware without extra tools

  • Spaced far enough from the barrel rack not to interfere with any firearms

  • Rubber-encased prongs prevent the weapon from scratching

  • Increased wear-resistant powder-coated frame

  • Rigid and stable Structure due to the extra two legs to the foundation and repositioning of the joints and tightening screws on the frame

  • Every inch of the frame, touching the pistol is wrapped with solid rubber, which holds the guns firmly while causing no scratches at all

  • Even if you have a light mount on the gun, the rack can still hold it with no problem, just at a little bit of a weird angle

  • The bottom falls apart easily after putting a couple of rifles on it: the two little screws/bolts don’t hold

  • Instead of a dowel pin, the hollow pos is used

  • The stand isn’t very level, it wobbles quite a bit until you load it down

#4 Savior Equipment Gun Handgun Rack

Savior Equipment Gun Handgun Rack

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Width (depending on slots’ quantity: 4; 8; 12): 8.5 in; 16.5 in; 25.0 in
Height: 7.0 in
Length: 9.5 in
Slot Width (each): 2 in

This Gun Safe Storage Organizer is designed for comfortable storing at home and transporting long-barreled full-size semi-auto pistols and revolvers. There are three models, depending on the Slots’ quantity (4/8/12) of the Pistol Rack. The racks come with Tools and Hardware. The barrels over 6 inches may be a bit longer depending on the grip angle.

Video review

  • Sturdy firearm rack

  • Makes moving the guns to the workbench a breeze

  • There is plenty of room for the cylinder on full-size SW

  • Spacious individual slots

  • Can accommodate various accessories as well

  • Holdsany barrel length

  • Excellent gun protection

  • Assembled quickly without additional tools

  • Protected and ready-to-go pistols

  • Much better than the typical wire pistol racks

  • It’s difficult to stick the labels on the foam: it would be great to add a hard spot for labels on the facing side to identify what pistol goes where

  • The inferior quality hardware (the rods and end caps), the threads are cut poorly, and the end caps screw on crooked and won’t thread down: it could make the whole rack loose, so it needs to replace this bad hardware

#5 BenchMaster – Weapon Rack

BenchMaster - Weapon Rack

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Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎9 x 6 x 6.25 in
Item Weight: 8 Oz

BenchMaster offers organized storage from 4 to 12 guns (a 2-slot rack is currently unavailable). The racks won’t collapse with heavy weight due to the sturdy construction.

Users can easily pull a pistol free in an emergency but it’ll be necessary to adjust the grip, as these racks are not quick draw type holders.

Video review

  • One-year warranty against manufacturing defects

  • Multiple options: fits 4-12 guns of any caliber with or without mags

  • No wasted space in the safe

  • Available attachments with magnetic and/or velcro, or as vertical or horizontal storage

  • Water- and shock-resistant high-density foam cushioning doesn’t contain latex

  • Handmade in the USA with All-American caliber materials

  • Saves room in a safe: if there is tight space in the safe this rack maximizes every inch

  • The foam is soft and borders on too soft

  • Provides quick identification of the pistols in each slot

  • Water- and oil-resistant semi-rigid KYDEX dividers protect the firearms’ finish

  • No Metal parts ensure soft but rigid protection: no mars on the guns’ finish

  • Lightweight, high-resilient, and shock-absorptive

  • No Flex

  • The flimsy dividers are made of a very thin piece of plastic, which doesn’t give the necessary support for the pistols, making 50% of the slots useless: a 12-slot rack can only hold 6 guns

#6 QuiverGrip UtilaGrip Shotgun  Rack

QuiverGrip UtilaGrip Shotgun  Rack

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SIMPLE & SECURE – Our single gun holder is engineered and stress-tested so you don’t have to worry. Securely stores your weapons upright. UtilaGrip’s patented design and protective, soft rubber teeth ensure your firearms are stored safely.
QUICK SET UP – Install in minutes to securely store your firearm without damage. From open-box to the wall, this setup is faster than a trip to the hardware store. Simply screw our gun holder onto any hard surface with our included mounting materials.

Video review

#7 Great Day Quick-Draw Overhead Gun Rack

Great Day Quick-Draw Overhead Gun Rack

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ROBUST HOUSING: the Quick-Draw Gun Rack frame is constructed of super-strong aircraft aluminum and finished off with super-tough black powder-coated paint for years of good looks and dependable service
FITMENT: The Quick-Draw Overhead Gun Rack fits all popular UTVs or Jeep Wrangler; The QD857T-OGR-JEEP For Tactical Weapons model fits Jeep Wrangler with Round-Tube Roll cages and SIDE to SIDE horizontal frame bars distance of 42″ – 48″; 1 bar model

Video review

#8 TESLYAR Gun Rack


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Item Dimensions LxWxH: 5 x 3 x 7 in
Inner hook width: 2.2 in (5.5 cm)
Size of the hook: 6.8×4.7×1.8 in (17х12х4,5 cm)
Weight of one hook: 0,375 lb (0,175 kg)

This Horizontal Hardwood Gun Rack consists of two Rifle wooden Hooks with Wall Mounts, including durable hardware (4 screws with dowels for drywall or hard walls), and protective soft felt pads glued inside the brackets. The pistol racks are compatible both for single- or double-barrels including side by side, as well as suitable for storage and displaying sabers and swords. The real Ash-tree wood is covered with resistant and protective finishing of rich Dark Walnut color for long-lasting service.

  • Attractive design: emphasizes the shapes of the firearm and decorates the interior

  • Ash-tree unique wood structure

  • The soft felt pads protect the pistol from scratching, shaking, and slipping

  • Excellent for gift

  • Works well for an AR

  • Ready to go, with all the parts

  • A template is included, so you know exactly where to drill starter holes for the mounting screws

  • Good for big or wide guns

  • Easily holds a Kentucky musket and Henry Golden Boy as well

  • The template is 4 mm inaccurate: the distance between the center of the two screw holes on the template is 9.2 cm, but the actual distance is about 8.8 cm

#9 Highwild Foam Weapon Rack

Highwild Foam Weapon Rack

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 Multiple V-block designs provide variable height positions to support front and rear firearms.
The Removable Base added to reduce recoil and improve the accuracy.
High lightweight closed-cell foam blend prevents unwanted nicks and scratches.
UV and Water Resistant Material for many rounds of trouble-free won’t absorb the gun oil and mildewy.
Extremely lightweight, highly convenient to carry in the field.

Video review

#10 BenchMaster AR Mag Rack

BenchMaster AR Mag Rack

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Item Dimensions LxWxH: 12.7 x 4.9 x 4.35 in
Item Weight: 0.01 lb

The Mag Organizer keeps in order up to 12 magazines of .45 caliber or 9mm double stack, 1911 Single Stack, or AR-15.

  • Easy and ready access to up to 12 double-stack magazines

  • Made in the USA

  • Contains no latex: high-density water-resistant foam doesn’t absorb moisture

  • Lightweight with high resilience and shock-absorption

  • Allows to clean up the gun safe

  • Too expensive for a block of foam

  • The adhesive is used to hold the bottom on is worthless: separates even before putting a single mag in it

  • Lasted less than 8 months, and felt apart

  • After almost a month of mags’ storing the cheap glue stuck to all the mags, I had to clean the mags

#11 BenchMaster Multiple Gun Vertical Pistol Rack

BenchMaster Multiple Gun Vertical Pistol Rack

View on OpticsPlanet


Gun Capacity: 8, 6
Weight: 13.5 lb
Interior Dimensions of each slot: 7in x 4.25in x 1.5in

The Upright Pistol Rack ensures cushioned storage and protection due to the low water-absorbance material, which is impervious to mold, rot, and mildew. The Vertical Pistol Storage Racks deliver great ready access for the guns.

Video review

  • No wasted space in the safe due to the thin walls

  • Lightweight but heavy-duty construction

  • No flex

  • Shock-absorbent, drop-resistant antimicrobial foam, and Kydex

  • Reasonable price

  • Made in the USA

  • Fits nicely on the top shelf of the safe, easily accessible

  • No metal parts to scratch or mar the firearms’ finish

  • Good for both long barrels and short pistols

  • Not yet

#12 Hornady SnapSafe Gun Racks

Hornady SnapSafe Gun Racks

View on OpticsPlanet


Length: 18 in; 9 in; 13.5 in
Height: 5 in; 5.75 in; 5.75 in
Width: 18 in; 9 in; 13.5 in
Depth/Thickness: 7 in

The Gun Racks are crafted from long-lasting and sturdy Black PVC Coated Wire components.

Video review

  • Holds pistols with optics as well

  • Top-notch metal with a soft plastic coating

  • Small rubber tips on the leg ends prevent it from sliding when the rack is loaded

  • Fits flawlessly Ruger Blackhawk 7.5″ to a Taurus TCP

  • The firearm is resting trigger guard up, there is still room for at least one larger magazine to stack underneath each slot

  • California’s Proposition 65

#13 Big Sky Racks Car Rack

Big Sky Racks Car Rack

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Fabric/Material: Heavy Duty Nylon

The Car Rack is a telescoping system, which consists of a Square Bar, Hook, Loop Fastening Strap, and Padded Adjustable Brackets, being compatible with different vehicles. The Gun Rack has a square-tube construction with ceiling mounting, providing for optimal, small dimensional strength and an out-of-sight way to store the firearm.

Video review

  • The bracket assemblies ensure secure firearm and accessories mounting by tightening the set-screw on the back of each bracket

  • Well-hidden from the public

  • Very easy to install

  • Manufactured from sturdy material

  • A solid nylon strap anchored to a metal ring and thick, padded brackets protect finishes and scopes

  • Not yet

#14 Grey Man Tactical Vehicle Locking Rifle Rack

Grey Man Tactical Vehicle Locking Rifle Rack

View on OpticsPlanet


Weight: 0.5 lbs
Dimensions: 3 x 3 x3 in
Included Accessories: LE Shield, 15.25×25 RMP

These modular locking racks for rifles or shotguns with Raptor Picatinny Mount and Tamper-Proof Keyed lock are easily and fast installed onto any vehicle seat back without any drilling.

The racks, made of High-Tech Polymer and Stainless Steel, are compatible with the following and many similar-sized weapons: Hunting Rifles, AR-15 and M4, AK-47, and AK-74 Style Rifles, and Shotguns.

Video review

  • No need either permanent modifications to the vehicle or drilling

  • One-minute mounting or dismounting from the vehicle

  • Theft prevention due to the included cable lock, which locks in place

  • Mil-Spec Picatinny Rail

  • Auto-locking technology secures onto rifle Picatinny rail, delivering security and quick access to the firearm (simple push to lock-in and lock-out)

  • Rubberized Inserts for a Tight No-Slip Grip

  • All Backer Plates and Hardware (Phillips and security screws with bit) needed for installation to any Rigid MOLLE Panel are included

  • 1,000 lb pull force tested with Raptor Picatinny Mount (Firearm was secured with a Raptor Buffer Mount and Raptor Barrel Bracket mounted on a Raptor Rail, the Force was distributed evenly between them: a pulling force with no intended torque component)

  • Not Yet Rated

#15 Pro-Gard Seat Mount Gunrack

Pro-Gard Seat Mount Gunrack

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Included Accessories: 8-second Delay timer, handcuff

The Seat Mount Gun rack is a Self-Supporting Vertical Bucket Seat Mount for two firearms only (Not Compatible with Partition) and can be installed on the floor or partition for better Security and less Vibration. The Steel Gun Racks come with straight or vending key Override in case of Power Failure.

  • Accessible to both the Driver and Passenger seats

  • Available for Single Or Dual firearms

  • Interchangeable Mounting Bracket fits Specific Vehicles

  • Delivers extra Elbowac commodation

  • No Holes Drilled mounting

  • Installed With out Partition

  • Not Yet Rated

#16 Rugged Gear 4 Gun Floor Mount

Rugged Gear 4 Gun Floor Mount

View on OpticsPlanet


Size: 6 x 6 in

The four-Gun Floor Metal rack with Permanent Mount and Lockable Position allows reconfiguration to remove pistols front to rear, or side to side. The side plate design delivers 70-degree movement or tilt. The butt-stock rest is larger and moves with a tilting feature.

Video review

  • Fits four rifles or shotguns

  • Ease of installation and operation

  • Option of Vertical Adjustment

  • Not yet


Racking firearms is a safe way to display and organize them. The main features of gun racks, which deserve attention, are their material (wood, steel), installation options, depending on the rack’s type, appropriate size for the firearm, and extra compartments for mags and ammunition.

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