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Elftmann Tactical AK-47 Trigger

Our Selection 8 Best AK Triggers – Editor’s Choice

ALG Defense AK Trigger 05-327ALG Defense AK Trigger 05-327ALG DefenseBUY
CMC Triggers AK Tactical TriggerCMC Triggers AK Tactical TriggerCMC TriggersBUY
Century AK Double Trigger Kit OT011Century AK Double Trigger Kit OT011CenturyBUY
Century Arms RAK-1 N-PAP Trigger OT1727ACentury Arms RAK-1 N-PAP Trigger OT1727ACenturyBUY
ALG Defense AK 47/74 Drop-In Trigger 05-326ALG Defense AK 47/74 Drop-In Trigger 05-326ALG DefenseBUY
FosTech Outdoors Echo AK-47 Trigger 4702FosTech Outdoors Echo AK-47 Trigger 4702FosTech OutdoorsBUY
Fime Group Fime Trigger Ak FM-922USFime Group Fime Trigger Ak FM-922USFime GroupBUY
Franklin Armory BFSIII AK-C1 TriggerFranklin Armory BFSIII AK-C1 TriggerFranklinBUY

A Kalashnikov gas-operated rifle is known as a firearm with an iron sight, which is less accurate than the American M16. These assault AK firearms are not so easy to shoot and shooters will need to get used to them. AK-74 is an AK-47 version with an upgraded design.

AK-74 is more reliable and precise than AK-47, but the second Kalashnikov is twice powerful, so it is more appropriate for real combat. Though both AKs can be used for field and urban areas.

Why do we need an AK trigger?

AK-type firearms are less popular than ARs in the USA. Although there are many fans of AK-74 (5.45×39 mm) or AK-47 (7.62×39 mm cartridges). Trigger upgrading allows for improving AK-shooting accuracy. A new AK trigger will deliver a safe position, short crisp reset, light pull, good general performance, and quicker shooting rate in combat, competition, training, or plinking on the range.

Best Pick

ALG Defense AK Trigger Ultimate With Lightning Bow 05-327

ALG Defense AK Trigger Ultimate with Lightning Bow 05-327

View on OpticsPlanet

The single-stage trigger with a rivet for most AKs operates without fitting, delivering continual 3 lbs-pulling and short reset.

Budget Pick

ALG Defense AK 47/74 Drop-In Trigger 05-326

ALG Defense AK 47/74 Drop-In Trigger 05-326

View on OpticsPlanet

AK 47 and 74 triggers are appropriate for home defense and combat usage. The single-stage trigger features drop-in mounting and replacement type. The trigger with corrosion-resistant coating doesn’t slop when the safety is engaged. The proprietary Lightning Bowl provides fine-drawn trigger handling and feel.

1# ALG Defense AK Trigger Ultimate with Lightning Bow 05-327

ALG Defense AK Trigger Ultimate with Lightning Bow 05-327

View on OpticsPlanet


Gun Model: AK-47, AK-74

These triggers come with a rivet (not bigger than 0.062 inches tall) for the trigger guard rear to make an anti-slip function. Higher rivets, than admitted ones, can reduce necessary clearance, and result in disconnector damage. It is recommended to shave down the rivet, not the disconnector tail, to avoid trigger slap.

ALG Defense designed single-stage triggers for most AKs to work without fitting. A qualified gunsmith mounting and making all shooting control groups fitting is necessary for proper trigger operation.

Video review

  • Delivers continual 3 lbs-pulling

  • Quality NiB coating

  • Nice short reset

  • The pull to break is about 2mm and 1.75lbs on SLR104UR

  • Decreases the travel and trigger pull weight

  • Incredibly smooth, crisp light

  • Mounting is relatively simple

  • None yet

2# CMC Triggers AK Tactical 3 Single Stage Trigger

CMC Triggers AK Tactical 3 Single Stage Trigger

View on OpticsPlanet


Model: Single Flat; Single Curve; Single
Trigger pull: 3-3.5 LB

AK Tactical Single Stage Drop-in triggers are engineered to be implemented for easy upgrading. These CMC 3 Single Stage triggers are completely self-contained and ready-to-go groups, with verified safety and light pull.

  • Functional and dependable

  • Innovative trigger group

  • Great for heavier platforms

  • Flat trigger features clean break

  • Multi-patented design

  • Fine match grade trigger pull light, but consistent

  • Modular and drop-in unit

  • Very short reset

  • Modifications are required

  • Very light pull weight

  • Difficult to mount

  • Very little travel, it can’t be loaded without safety

  • The safety needs some fitting: the backside of the aluminum trigger body should be machined away to unblock the safety

  • Doesn’t fit Saiga

3# Century AK Double Trigger Kit OT011

Century AK Double Trigger Kit OT011

View on OpticsPlanet


Rifles: AK rifle platforms

Century developed the double trigger kit that is appropriate for AK buildings, allowing a quicker fire rate with better control. The trigger guard should be continually upgraded to handle the extra-length trigger. The tactical replacement trigger is manufactured of steel with a black coating. It is recommended for shooters, who are unfamiliar with AK, to use gunsmith assistance during the trigger installation.

  • Made in the USA

  • Fast shooting rate with better rifle control

  • Intuitive handling

  • Not rated yet

4# ALG Defense AK 47/74 Drop-In Trigger 05-326

ALG Defense AK 47/74 Drop-In Trigger 05-326

View on OpticsPlanet


Gun Model: AK-47, AK-74

AK 47 and 74 triggers are appropriate for home defense and combat usage. The ALG triggers are crafted from S7 Tool Steel (machined triple alloy) with Manganese Phosphate coating in black color. The single-stage trigger features drop-in mounting and replacement type. ALG triggers are smoother and shorter; they come without springs, which are compatible with rifle models AK-47 and AK-74.

Sometimes it is necessary to notch the disconnect or make some fitting for the hammer. It can take some time or you can use a gunsmith’s help. AGL offers grinding or chamfering the rivet; it’s possible to cut the tail off the disconnector end to prevent the issues with double fires from hammer slap. After installing the extra spring, the trigger pull becomes a little heavier like a comp trigger.

Video review

  • Value for money

  • Corrosion-resistant coating

  • The trigger doesn’t slop, when the safety is engaged

  • No missing parts

  • The proprietary Lightning Bowl provides fine-drawn trigger handling and feel

  • Simple mounting

  • This trigger and sear are very hairy

  • The included roll pins and trigger pull ensures safety

  • Light pull

  • Short, fast, and crisp reset

  • Disconnector may smash trigger casing rivet

  • Hard hammer

  • Sometimes too sensitive to finger pressure, especially while zeroing

5# FosTech Outdoors Echo AK-47 Trigger 4702

FosTech Outdoors Echo AK-47 Trigger 4702

View on OpticsPlanet


Gun Model: AK-47

The Echo AK-47 drop-in trigger is manufactured for the common stamped models. These triggers will work well for rifles with a full auto-bolt carrier. Milled AKs can work even with the mode selector plate and the trigger blade, if necessary.

FosTech designed three modes of operation Safe Echo semi-automatic triggers that integrate the Echo AR-II features (the same patented trigger lock technology) to be mounted on the AK-47 rifle platforms. There are 3 different settings to select: in Safe Mode, a rifle will not shoot; in Semi-Automatic Mode a firearm will fire after pulling the trigger; Echo Mode allows shooters to fire a bullet both on the pull and on the release of the trigger.

To solve issues with trigger pull, grind down some trigger back wall of the guard and carefully Dremel some of the back ends of the trigger blade as well to make it clear while pulling. It is recommended to check the local and state laws before ordering the trigger.

Video review

  • Made in the USA

  • Has multiple patents from many companies

  • Echo Mode: Double-tap

  • The hammer works well while holding the trigger

  • The trigger lock prevents the shooter from using the rifle

  • Great work in binary mode and single-shot: smooth operation

  • Stamped standard AK’s hammer is usually too high to let the bolt function

  • Not drop in unit: not as easy as plug and play; it is a lack of a rifle list the trigger will function in: it doesn’t operate in different stamped AK’s receivers (in neither of them: KP-9, C39, and Yugo)

  • Hammer can break in half

  • Fostech forgot testing: it does not fit in a heavy-walled stamped receiver

  • The hammer spring pressure pushing against the bolt and carrier is too high and results in binding in the rear position: an extra power recoil spring doesn’t help

  • Grey trigger pins do not look good

6# Fime Group Fime Trigger Group Ak Based Firearms FM-922US

Fime Group Fime Trigger Group Ak Based Firearms FM-922US

View on OpticsPlanet


Dimensions: 1.45 X 4.90 X 6.65 in
Length: 6.65 in

The semi-auto mil-spec triggers consist of a hammer, stopper, disconnector with spring, and sleeve. The double-stage triggers are completely assembled, featuring a drop-in construction for AK/RPK based rifles with milled or stamped receivers. The single-hook trigger is manufactured from the hardening steel (Alloy Steel), covered with a protective Black oxide. The front side of the disconnector is fully contracted with the hammer, providing a secure lockup. Fime Group ensures the long-lasting and dependable operation of this trigger.

Video review

  • Made in the USA

  • No trigger slap: the hammer retarder eliminates the energy transfer as the disconnector’s tail touches with the rear receiver rivet

  • Delivers a shortened trigger pull with a light pull

  • Should fit in PLS

  • Not yet reviewed

7# Franklin Armory BFSIII AK-C1 Trigger – Binary Firing System for AK

Franklin Armory BFSIII AK-C1 Trigger

View on OpticsPlanet


Caliber: 7.62×39 mm; 9mm Caliber

The Binary Firing System GEN 3 (BFSIII) allows excluding the release bullet just by moving the Patent Pending selector out of Binary mode, holding the trigger back. The BFSIII AK-C1 Triggers function in three positions, where the first one is for safety, which means no fire; the second position is for semi-fires (one bullet per pull); the third one is for binary fires (one round on pull and one another on release).

The third position provides the trigger to be the fastest semi-automatic one at the ammunition market, appropriate for tactical, competition, and recreational application. There are two trigger models, depending on the used caliber: 7.62×39 mm and 9 mm.

This trigger is not compatible with IWI Galil Ace; apparently, it will need significant modification to the trigger housing and the rifle, as well as a professional installation to operate with VEPR 12 7.62×39 with the 1.5 mm receiver.

  • Goes twice fast, just requires to be prepared with ammo

  • Ensures remarkably shorten split times between rounds, making appropriate to use tighter groups

  • Simple to mount

  • Easy to double tap on targets

  • Positive reset on the release phase

  • Flawless operation after installing on a micro Draco stamped receiver, just had to do a little grinding to get trigger down flat in the receiver

  • Well-made drops right in (the Saiga) with ease and without adjustment

  • Very expensive

  • California’s Proposition 65

  • The selector was completely missing from the packaging

  • Requires more quality control: the assembly rear had light rust, not admitted for a premium trigger for such money

  • Damaged trigger bow screws

  • The rifle has some serious jams where the bullets would get stuck behind the bolt carrier

  • Limited applications: doesn’t fit in a Vepr 7.62×39 AK or an Arsenal SAM7 SF without grinding down a protuberance that juts up just behind the trigger opening on the receiver bottom


Why upgrade the AK 47 trigger?
The modernization of the AK trigger allows enhanced firing accuracy. Therefore it is expedient to install a better trigger without high costs.
What is the standard trigger pull on an AK 47?
Kalashnikov rifles shoot 7.62 x 39 rounds, with 6.9 ft-lbs recoils. The AK-47 trigger pull is comparatively light, as the pull length from engagement to shooting is long enough, ensuring necessary control. The weight of an average trigger pull is approximately 3 lbs 3 oz with the spread (from 3/0 to 4/1).
Why are AK 74 triggers so expensive?
Because AK74 isn’t widely used in the USA. Most American shooters prefer the firearms, such as AR15 rifles, which fire smaller military-caliber bullets, but faster ones.

So, apart from assembly and components, low demand and distribution influence the AK price.

How does AK trigger work?
The triggers for AK rifles consist of a built-in disconnector and sear hooks. These triggers are two-stage small units, releasing a spring (or catch) to set off a firing mechanism. After trigger releases for the shot, the key idea of its operation is to pivot, making the disconnector turn out, pushing the hammer to drop onto the trigger sear hooks.


AK-47 is widely used in the world, but it is not so well-spread in the USA. If you want to upgrade the trigger for AKs, it won’t be cheap, but you’ll get the rifle with better performance. A new trigger will significantly upgrade any AK-style rifle, enhancing the performance of reset, pulling, lock time, and ensuring safety (while holding the trigger), whereas retaining the traditional reliability of a stock trigger.

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