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What is Tavor’s trigger? 🧐

It is an aftermarket trigger system designed specifically for the IWI Tavor rifle. This trigger system offers improved performance and accuracy over the factory-installed trigger. It has a three-position safety switch that allows you to choose between “fire”, “safe” and “semi-auto”.

Tavor Trigger

Features 💡

  • ✳️ It offers an adjustable trigger pull weight, a crisp break, and a reset that is both audible and tactile.
  • ✳️ The trigger group is made from hardened steel for maximum durability and the self-contained design of the trigger makes installation easy and hassle-free.
  • ✳️ The trigger will allow for a smooth pull with no creep or overtravel, making it ideal for precision shooting. Additionally, the flat design of the trigger ensures maximum comfort when shooting in any position.
  • ✳️ It also comes with an adjustable sear engagement set screw which allows you to change the feel of your trigger pull while still maintaining safety standards.
  • ✳️ An integrated safety lever safely blocks the movement of other parts to ensure safe operation at all times.
Our Top Pick
Timney Triggers IWI Tavor
With a billet aluminum frame anodized in striking gold, the Timney Tavor features a truly unique and eye-catching look. It delivers on the promise of a two-stage trigger feel due to its extended bullpup linkage. Plus, it’s backed by the legendary Timney lifetime no-hassle warranty – meaning years of reliable service from this precision-manufactured product. The experience promises to be smooth and consistent every time you pull the trigger – lightweight but also with plenty of resistance for an accurate aim.
Buy Now On OpticsPlanet
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Benefits 🤩

  • 🔷 First of all, the trigger is a drop-in solution that requires no gunsmithing or other modifications.
  • 🔷 Additionally, the trigger offers a light pull weight with minimal overtravel and reset for fast target transitions.
  • 🔷 The crisp break will provide shooters with excellent accuracy and control when shooting both targets and prey.
  • 🔷 Furthermore, the trigger’s ergonomic design allows for easy access to the safety selector without compromising grip comfort. Not only does this ensure comfortable handling but also reduces fatigue when engaging in long shooting sessions.
  • 🔷 Finally, its rugged construction ensures longevity even under extreme conditions.

Best Tavor Triggers

Trigger Job 🛠️

It involves replacing or modifying the trigger to create a smoother, more consistent pull and reset. The result is an improved overall shooting experience and greater accuracy with every shot.

  • ⚙️ Aside from improving your shooting performance, there are some other benefits associated with performing a trigger job.
  • ⚙️ These include increased safety (due to a shorter, lighter trigger pull) as well as easier access to the gun’s controls (such as magazine release and charging handle).

📌 Some users have reported lower recoil and better follow-up shots due to the reduced amount of force needed to fire the weapon.

Our Selection 6 Best 🌟 Tavor Trigger

Geissele Super Sabra Trigger 05-267Geissele Super Sabra Trigger 05-267GeisseleBUY
Geissele Super Sabra Lightning Bow TriggerGeissele Super Sabra Lightning Bow TriggerGeisseleBUY
Timney Triggers IWI Tavor 680Timney Triggers IWI Tavor 680Timney TriggersBUY
Geissele Automatics Super Sabra Trigger IWI TavorGeissele Automatics Super Sabra Trigger IWI TavorGeissele AutomaticsBUY
Elite Force Tavor 21 Competition Airsoft RifleElite Force Tavor 21 Competition Airsoft RifleElite ForceBUY
Geissele Automatics Llc Tavor TriggerGeissele Automatics Llc Tavor TriggerGeissele AutomaticsBUY

1# Geissele Super Sabra Trigger IWI Tavor & X95 Rifle

Geissele Super Sabra Trigger 05-267

View on Geissele


Platform: IWI Tavor & X95
Type: 2 Stage
1st Stage weight range: 3.5 – 5.5 lbs.
2nd Stage weight range: 2 lbs.
Total pull weight range: 5.5 – 7.5 lbs.
Adjustable: Yes
Trigger bow type: N/A
Recommended use: Law Enforcement, Home Defense, Hunting

If you’re searching for a top-of-the-line trigger for your IWI Tavor or X95 rifle, look no further than the Geissele Super Sabra Trigger. This precision two-stage trigger is designed for maximum accuracy and control, making it perfect for both range shooting and close-quarters combat. The Super Sabra features an adjustable first stage, allowing you to fine-tune the trigger pull to your specific needs. So whether you’re a professional marksman or just a weekend gunfighter, the Geissele Super Sabra Trigger is sure to give you the performance you demand.

Video review

  • CNC machined
  • Made from aluminum
  • Has a type 3 hard-coat anodized
  • Shock and wear resistant
  • It may be too light for some shooters


2# Geissele Super Sabra Lightning Bow Trigger

Geissele Super Sabra Lightning Bow Trigger

View on Opticsplanet


Color: Black

Searching for an upgrade from your stock IWI Tavor trigger, consider the Geissele Super Sabra Lightning Bow Trigger. This trigger is precision machined from precipitation-hardened stainless steel for superior reliability and durability. It’s also adjustable via a set screw, allowing you to remove the leeway that’s naturally found in the trigger mechanism of the IWI Tavor platform. So don’t settle for a mediocre trigger on your premium-grade rifle – upgrade to the Geissele Super Sabra Lightning Bow Trigger today!

Video review

  • Precision machined
  • Precipitation hardened
  • Designed to replace the standard trigger in IWI Tavor rifles
  • Adjustable via a set screw
  • Installation requires a tool


3# Timney Triggers IWI Tavor

Timney Triggers IWI Tavor 680

View on OpticsPlanet


Color: Yellow
Trigger Pull Weight: 7 lb
Gun Make: Israel Weapon Industries (IWI)
Gun Model: IWI Tavor

Do you want to upgrade your Tavor trigger? Check out the Timney Triggers IWI Tavor 680! This premium trigger unit offers a two-stage trigger feel, thanks to the extended bullpup trigger linkage. The billet aluminum frame is anodized in beautiful gold color, and it comes with the legendary Timney lifetime no-hassle warranty.

Video review

  • Ease of use and adaptability
  • The trigger is 2 stage
  • Lifetime no-hassle warranty
  • Will provide years of reliable service
  • The color might not match your gun


4# Geissele Automatics Super Sabra Trigger for IWI Tavor & X95 Rifle

Geissele Automatics Super Sabra Trigger IWI Tavor

View on OpticsPlanet


Color: Black
Fabric/Material: S7 Tool Steel
Trigger Shape: Traditional Curved
Trigger Pull Weight: 5.5 – 7.5 lb
Gun Type: Stun Gun
Housing/Frame Material: 6061-T6 aluminum

Whether you’re a long-distance shooter or operating in close combat, the Geissele Automatics Super Sabra Trigger Pack is an excellent choice. This second-generation drop-in replacement for the OEM trigger pack is housed in CNC-machined aluminum and features internal components that are resistant to wear and tear. The precision trigger pack is finished with a nitride process for additional durability, making it a great option for those who need a reliable, high-quality trigger pack.

Video review

  • Precise and accurate trigger control
  • Adjustable first stage
  • Internal components are constructed of shock and wear-resistant tool steel
  • Nitride process finish
  • Not compatible with all firearms


5# Elite Force Tavor 21 Competition Series Airsoft Rifle

Elite Force Tavor 21 Competition Airsoft Rifle

View on OpticsPlanet


Caliber: 6mm Caliber
Gun Model: IWI Tavor
Magazine Capacity: 300 Round
Velocity: 330 fps
Reloading Caliber: 6mm Caliber

The Elite Force Tavor 21 Competition Series Airsoft Rifle is a high-quality, realistic replica of the IWI Tavor assault rifle. It is constructed of high-strength ABS plastic with a metal gearbox, making it extremely durable. The 16″ barrel length provides excellent accuracy, and the semi/full auto action gives you the flexibility to adapt to any situation. With a velocity of 330 fps, this rifle is sure to give you an edge over the competition.

Video review

  • The rifle shoots 345 FPS
  • The high-strength body
  • Full and semi-auto action
  • With charger
  • The barrel length is a little short


6# Geissele Automatics Tavor Lightning Bow Trigger

Geissele Automatics Llc Tavor Trigger

View on Brownells


Style: 2-Stage

The Geissele Tavor Lightning Bow Trigger features a lightened trigger pull of just 2.5 pounds, with a short reset for faster follow-up shots. The precision-machined nickel-plated bow is engineered for exceptional durability and smoothness, while the unique lightning-shaped profile provides a tactile and visual reference point for consistent trigger placement. Installation is quick and easy, with no permanent modifications required to your rifle.

Video review

  • Precise machining
  • Phenomenal pull
  • Durable and smoothness
  • Easier trigger control
  • It may be too light for some shooters
  • Not fit for all firearms


Installation 🧑‍🔧

Once you’ve purchased your trigger, it’s time to install it. Before you start, make sure you’re wearing proper safety equipment such as eye protection and gloves. Then, follow these steps:

  • ➡️ Remove the old trigger from your rifle. Make sure to keep all parts that were removed organized in a safe place so they don’t get lost or damaged during the installation process.
  • ➡️ Take the new trigger and locate the two pins at the back of it. Insert both pins into their corresponding holes on either side of the rifle receiver, making sure they are properly aligned before pushing them in completely.
  • ➡️ After both pins are secured, slide the trigger forward until it is in its correct position.
  • ➡️ Secure it with the screws and tighten them securely, but not too tight as this could damage the trigger or the rifle receiver.
  • ➡️ Once everything is secured, you can test-fire the rifle to make sure your trigger is working correctly.


What is the best trigger?

🤔 There is no definitive answer to this question, as different shooters may prefer different triggers.

😎 However, some of the best Tavor triggers available on the market today include the Timney Triggers Tavor Trigger, the Geissele Automatics Super Sabra Trigger, and the Jewell Triggers Tactical Trigger.

What factors should I consider when choosing a trigger?

☑️ There are several factors that you should consider when choosing a Tavor trigger.

  • 🔰 First and foremost, you need to decide what type of trigger you want. There are two main types of triggers available: single-stage triggers are typically lighter and easier to use, while two-stage triggers offer a bit more precision.
  • 🔰 Next, you need to decide what pull weight you want. Lower pull weights will be easier to use but may result in less accuracy, while higher pull weights will be more difficult to use but can offer greater precision.
  • 🔰 Finally, you should also consider the overall quality of the trigger before making your purchase. Cheaper triggers may not last as long or perform as well as more expensive ones.
What is the difference between a single-stage and a two-stage trigger?
  • ⭕ A single-stage trigger has only one main stage of operation, while a two-stage trigger has two.
  • ⭕ Single-stage triggers are typically lighter and easier to use, while two-stage triggers offer a bit more precision.
  • ⭕ However, two-stage triggers can be more difficult to use if you are not accustomed to them.
What is the difference between a direct drop-in trigger and an adjustable trigger?
  • 🚩 Direct drop-in triggers are designed to replace your existing trigger with no modification required.
  • 🚩 Adjustable triggers, on the other hand, allow you to adjust the trigger pull weight, sear engagement, and overtravel. They give you more control over your rifle but may require some gunsmithing skills to install properly.
What is the warranty on a Tavor trigger?

🟣 Warranty coverage on Tavor triggers varies depending on the manufacturer.

  • 💡 However, many companies offer at least a one-year warranty on their products.
  • 😉 Be sure to check with the specific manufacturer for more information on their warranty policies.

Conclusion 😊

The best Tavor trigger is the one that fits your individual shooting needs. There are many great triggers on the market, but finding the right one for you can make all the difference in your shooting experience. We hope our buyer’s guide has helped you narrow down your search and given you some good ideas about what to look for when shopping for a new trigger. Thanks for reading! 🤠👍

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Sebastian Hart
Sebastian Hart
9 months ago

I’m interested in getting a lighter trigger for my rifle. Even with the removed spring, I’m still able to get decent groupings, but I want to upgrade the trigger for better performance.

Reply to  Sebastian Hart
9 months ago

I’m currently searching for a trigger and have been watching reviews. I currently have a Timney trigger on my AR, and I like it. However, I haven’t had the chance to shoot with a 2-stage trigger like the Geissele yet. If you end up choosing a trigger, I would be interested in hearing your opinion on it.

Kayden Adams
Kayden Adams
Reply to  Sebastian Hart
9 months ago

I decided to order the Geissele trigger today as I feel that it is superior to the Timney trigger I currently have. I’m excited to try out the Geissele trigger and will update everyone on how it performs.

9 months ago

I’m having trouble with the fit of the Geissele Super Sabra Trigger pack in my X95. It’s so tight that I have to apply a lot of force to push the second pin in, and taking it out requires the use of pliers and a punch while tapping it out. I’ve tried adjusting the positioning screw on my Lighting Bow trigger as suggested in some forums, but it didn’t help improve the fit of the trigger pack. I’m curious if anyone else has experienced a similar issue with their Super Sabra trigger pack and if this level of tightness is considered normal.

Product name
Geissele Super Sabra Trigger
Last edited 9 months ago by Foztyg
Owen Newman
Owen Newman
Reply to  Foztyg
9 months ago

In my experience, the Super Sabra trigger pack doesn’t seem to fit as tightly as you described. You may have a binding issue that’s causing the tightness. One tip that might help is to ensure that you pull the trigger pack cover out and over the trigger pack. This could potentially alleviate any tightness issues and make the installation process smoother.

Reply to  Foztyg
9 months ago

If I’m understanding correctly, you’re referring to the fire control pack (which is the term that IWI uses, not me). In my experience, the rear pin of my X95 has always been tight no matter what type of pack I have installed. This may be a common issue with X95s, but I’m not entirely sure.

Jefferson Kane
Jefferson Kane
Reply to  Foztyg
9 months ago

In my experience, the pin holes in my X95 are quite tight, even after applying some lubrication. However, despite the tightness, the pins still function properly and I haven’t experienced any major issues.

9 months ago

I’m curious if anyone has tried out the new Timney Tavor trigger group. Has anyone had a chance to test it out yet?

Brycen Russo
Brycen Russo
Reply to  Regenerator
9 months ago

In my experience, I upgraded my old stock SAR trigger pack to a 680 Timney trigger pack, and I must say it’s a significant improvement. However, during the madness of last year, I also purchased a Geissele Super Sabra pack while waiting for the Timney to ship. I must say that the Geissele pack feels even better than the Timney, so that’s what I’m currently using.

Reply to  Regenerator
9 months ago

From my personal experience, I have tried both the Super Sabre and the Timney Tavor trigger groups. In my opinion, the Super Sabre is better and also more reliable. I haven’t experienced any issues with my Geissele trigger group, but to be fair, I didn’t have any issues with my Timney either – I just prefer the feel of the Geissele.